Monday, March 12, 2012

Advertise with Thin and Curvy!

I'm introducing ads to the right sidebar of Thin and Curvy!

Some facts about Thin and Curvy:

90,000+ page views/month (and growing all the time!)
Google Page Rank: 2
Nearly 500 Twitter Followers
Over 900 Facebook Fans
One of The Lingerie Addict's "10 Fave Lingerie Blogs"

What you get:
A 170x170 ad in the right side bar
A post introducing your business
A great niche market!

Advertisements must be relevant to the readership of this blog. If you have any questions about whether or not your product is relevant, feel free to contact me.

Space is limited! Email me at advertising [at] for rates or if you have any questions!


  1. I guess you meant 80,000+ page views, not 80,0000+ :))

  2. I have had a lot of trouble with Bra fitting since I went up from a 34b to a 36c. I need it tight at the back but not so much at the front. I must be a funny size? and the procecis's are not right either. I was fine the first 2 years with my 34b. What can I do?

  3. @Anonymous You can try 34C, 34D, 34DD and even 32D, 32DD. All these sizes will have shorter side/back parts while won't be smaller in their fronts. It could fit your idea of "tight at the back but not so much at the front". In any case, I would not hurry to increase the band size (like you did going from 34 to 36) and try to change the cup size first, no matter what resellers tell you (remember, for the most of them their primary goal is to sell what they have in stock, not what you really need). It's perfectly normal that what was fine 2 years ago is not ok now - your boobs can change their size anytime so different CUP sizes (B, C, D, DD etc.) might be needed for you. But increase in BAND size (i.e. 34 -> 36) should be not an option unless you gain REALLY much weight following by at least 2" increase in your underbreast ribcage measurement.

  4. You have now much more than 900 Fb fans - nearly 3000 !

    Congratulations even if I'm not welcome :)


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