Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jailyn Apparel Review

I have a new clothing company for larger busts to add to our list!

This is the first style, the Mandarin Collar 3/4 Sleeve Shirt from a new company, Jailyn Apparel! The owner/designer, Jodi Schreiner, has a story we can all identify with: She couldn't find shirts that fit over her bust! So she decided to design her own. Jailyn Apparel is based out of Texas, so those of you looking for more US options will be happy!

The shirt is not super stretchy, so it doesn't cling. It has expert tailoring to ensure it fits smoothly over your bust while highlighting your waist.

I love that for her first shirt, Jodi didn't just go for the same old shirt that many other companies have. She went for a more original design, with flattering 3/4 sleeves and a gorgeous mandarin collar. The color is a lovely dove grey that is more flattering on many people than harsh white. The quality also seems absolutely excellent.

Because the style is sort of dressy/elegant casual, the top is versatile. Pair it with a pretty skirt, or with a blazer for a casual office environment.

The size chart is spot on, I think. I am wearing the size 2 with a waist measurement of roughly 24-25", putting me at the low end of the size chart, and I think that ideally I might go down a size. I don't mind the fact that it's a tiny bit loose at my waist, because it goes with the casual vibe of the shirt. But the shoulders are just a teeny bit too big for me, as you can probably see. I like the fit, but I think if there was a size down it would be completely perfect. :-)

I really like this shirt and I'm so excited to watch Jailyn Apparel grow as a company and come up with new designs! I would definitely recommend giving them a try.

(P.S It's the last day for voting on Star in a Bra USA! If you haven't already, Please please vote for me! Every vote counts and I am super grateful to all of you who have voted already!)

(This shirt was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions and writing in this review are 100% my own!)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Casual Outfit- Visible Bra Straps

How do you feel about visible bra straps? There is vast disagreement in the big bust and fashion community over whether or not they are okay.

My vote is that they are fine as long as you:
  1. Wear them super casually, not to the workplace, formal gatherings, church, parties, etc.
  2. Wear them with intention, with pretty bra straps in a co-ordinating color, such as I am here with my Ewa Michalak Pl Malachit.

Especially if you're young and/or it's hot, why should you have to wear sleeves just because you have a bigger bust? This trend gives you an acceptable option.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


I am very excited to announce that I am in the top 30 for the first ever USA Star in a Bra contest! Star in a Bra is an annual contest run by full bust lingerie brand Curvy Kate. They select models from their customers so that the models really represent their customers and show how the bras fit on natural, large breasts.

I have been passionate about body image and bra fitting for years now, and I believe that winning this contest could provide me with a whole new way of making a difference. I have a lot of hope that bringing this contest to the USA will really help to bring bra fit awareness to American women. And I would be thrilled and honored if you would vote for me. Click Here to vote!

If you need another suggestion on who to vote for, (you get 3 picks this round) then I really adore Cristyen of the new blog Red Hair and Girly Flair. Like me, she is passionate about body image, and has a fascinating journey of weight loss and self acceptance.

I also want to congratulate this years' UK winner, Sophie Morgan!


And finally, I have one more piece of exciting news to share:

Gregory and I are engaged! So I will be talking more about wedding-related stuff coming up soon, especially the parts that pertain to curves and body image.

...Vote for me for Star in a Bra, so my fiance can tell his friends he's marrying a lingerie model. :-P