Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Big Bra Bar to offer a 26 band bra!

After some urging by yours truly, :-D as well as other 26 back ladies, The Big Bra Bar is planning on introducing one style of 26 backed bra as a trial run next season!

As they explained, they can only do one style, so be sure to comment by clicking here and telling them which is your favorite. Personally, I'm rooting for the Midnight Blue Loren! Isn't she beautiful?

This will be a trial run- if it sells well, they may be able to introduce more 26 styles. But if it doesn't it will be discontinued. :-( So if you need a 26 back, I definitely suggest you "vote with your dollars" and buy this one! And tell your friends, too. :-)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Second Base Review

The camisole. It's generally considered a must-have basic, particularly for busty women. They provide coverage, when layered under other tops, and prevent unwanted cleavage show. They can turn a blouse from totally indecent to perfectly suitable.

But all too often, like any other top, they are hard to fit. They are too big at my waist, which adds unnecessary bulk, and too snug at my hips and bust, which means they ride up. The extra fabric is much too hot in the summer, and can add undesirable lumps and bumps under a snug-fitting outer layer.

Enter Second Base demi camis. They are designed to fit over your bra and cover cleavage, but they are cropped and fitted so as not to add extra bulk. 

I chose the daytime style "Brittany" (how could I resist??!) in sage. It's shown here over my Ewa Michalak Toffik bra. :-)

It's really pretty, with sweet lace on the trim, which is just my style- but if you want something sportier, Second Base has lots of style options. It also has fully adjustable shoulder straps which would be great if you're petite.

This tunic top is made out of somewhat clingy viscose fabric. The Second Base style is made of of a super duper soft, lightweight modal fabric. I was worried it would add extra bulk under clothes, but it doesn't at all. I can also tell the fabric is of high quality and will last a long time, though I do plan to wash it gently. 
The fabric also breathes really well, which is super important. They are comfortable even in the hot summertime, when a normal cami layer would be unthinkable!

They also stay put well without riding around, yet they don't cut in at all!

But in case you're wondering if the price is worth it when you could get a $5 cami at Wal-Mart, the answer is that the quality, not to mention convenience,  totally matches the price tag.

This is one of Second Base's evening styles, Jennifer. It's made of soft, not scratchy, nylon lace material. It's sheer so you could see a hint of cleavage through it, without going over-the top. It also, as you can see, has thicker straps so it can hide your bra straps.

You can use it for your basic cleavage coverage, or...

If you felt daring, you could use it as the base for an "underwear as outerwear" inspired look, and as it has the wider back and lace material it would look more like one of those bandeau bras which are meant to be seen.

If you've ever tired on a top at a store that was cute and fit decently, but showed way too much cleavage, Second Base is definitely the answer. I could see having a rainbow of colors, which would allow for lots of fun mixing and matching, too. I definitely want to add to my Second Base collection.

I do wish that there was a style like the Brittany, but with thicker straps to cover bra straps, like so many of the other styles have. It would be even better if some of that pretty lace could extend onto the straps. :-) I would also really like to see the lace evening styles in a rainbow of pretty colors, instead of just basic black and white.

I went by their size chart, accounting for my bra "sister size," and ordered a size large, which fits, but I think I could do a medium next time. They are stretchy, so if in doubt, size down. I'm also not on their size chart really at all, being a size 26HH, but as you can see they fit just fine! So there is definitely wiggle room in terms of the sizing.

In conclusion, if you're looking for the perfect cleavage coverage solution, Second Base is it! :-)

(Second Base demi camis were sent to me for review purposes, however all opinions are 100% my own!)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Guest Post: Body Images Issues as a Foreigner

(I hope you all enjoy this guest post from June of the awesome new blog Braless in Brasil as much as I did! Be sure to check out her blog as well.)

I want to first thank Brittany for letting me write a guest post here.  Her blog was the first one that I found that really discussed body image, bras, and finding clothes when you're curvy and it was like a breath of fresh air to me. :)

 I could write a book on body image issues.  Growing up with large breast while never having any great examples on how to find a well-fitting bra and dress my figure, really did a number on me.  However, I think the worst experience that I have had to date came from shopping in Brazil.

 Before I get to that, let me give you a quick background.  My husband, daughter, and I moved to Brazil earlier this year.  Also, for over a year now I have been in the process of losing a significant amount of weight (as of right now I'm over 60lbs down). I've lost 20lbs of that weight since moving to Brazil.  Because of that I desperately needed some new clothes and bras, enter the horrible shopping trip. 

We're lucky enough to have a mall close by with a ton of lingerie shops in it.  I thought for sure I'd be able to find something there (or at least be pointed in the right direction of a specialty shop).  NOPE.  I entered the first store, Marisa Lingerie (basically, the Victoria's Secret of Brazil), and after briefly talking to a sales clerk it became immediately obvious that bra shopping in Brazil would prove to be impossible.  It turns out that bra sizing here is done by assuming everyone is a B cup and they simply increase the band size.  So according to my bust measurements I should be a "50", however, the corresponding band size with that bra fits a 36.5-38 inch underbust, which would dwarf my 31" underbust. 

However, I was determined to find something that would fit so I went home and scoured the internet for anything.  It turns out that two brands: Hope and Liz have recently introduced cup sizes but the largest I've been able to find was an "F" cup.  Still, I wanted to try it on for myself so I found a Lingerie shop close to the mall that carried both brands.  When I went there not a single salesclerk could answer any questions about the bras.  They also didn't even have a changing room so you could try on the bras. I ended up putting it over my shirt just to see, yeah, even with another bra  on already I could see that I would be sporting a pretty great quadraboob look if I were to purchase that one.  I think at that point the message really hit home that I was monstrously huge and wouldn't be able to find a good supportive bra at all.  I remember the sales lady even giving me a strange look and kept asking if I was sure if the bra didn't fit.

I still had some hope, though.  Hope at least that if I couldn't find a bra, maybe I could at least find some shirts that fit!  I was feeling pretty good about my loss and I knew that I was definitely out of plus-sizes in terms of pants  so I thought I'd be able to pick up some shirts at the very least.  Oh, how wrong I was!  After visiting many, many stores at the mall it become obvious that in Brazil the bust is cut even smaller than in the US.  Most non-plus-sized stores carry up to a 44 or 46 (roughly US sizes 10 or 12/14) so I grabbed clothes in size 42-46 and ran to the dressing stores.  Nothing fit.  In any of the stores.  Occasionally, I could find a size 46 that would at least let me button it up all the way (or zip it up all the way or pull it down over my bust) but the waist would be huge in comparison.  I could get into either a 42 or 44 pants just fine but tops were a complete no go. I have to admit that I teared up a bit in one of the dressing rooms after what felt like the millionth top didn't fit.

Between the bra problems and the shopping trip, I got the idea that I was freakishly huge compared to the average Brazilian woman, even after losing all that weight!  Boy did my ego take a hit.  I had gone in full of confidence and left with the thought that even if I get to my goal weight, I'm never going to be able to just buy clothes here. Never.  A lot of my insecurities from high school where I was never able to find clothes that fit right and I couldn't wear the same trends as my friends resurfaced.  I just felt like I was built like a freak.  It's amazing after all these years how quickly these thoughts can resurface even when you're old enough to know better!

It really did get me down for awhile.  It didn't help that I was still wearing my old too big clothes that covered up all my hard work from weight loss.  Eventually, though, I decided enough was enough and I needed to do something about it.  First I started really looking at other women on the street, I saw how their bras and clothes fit and it became pretty obvious that I WAS NOT ALONE! Even women who looked incredibly put together were sporting the 4-boob look and had bands inching up to their necks.  Other women were busting out of their tops that were clearly meant for someone with a B cup, not a G cup.  Even websites that supposedly sold bras in larger sizes showed pictures of models with very, very badly fitting bras.  Even though I really felt sorry for these women who must be dealing with a lot of back pain, it came as a huge relief to me that I wasn't a freak here but I had the same problem that so many other ladies had. 

Then I found out about Brazilian plastic surgery vacations.  The bra fitting problem is significant enough that women are choosing to do breast reductions to be able to fit into the bras here rather than finding bras that fit them.  Breast reductions are so common here (and cheap) that women actually come from the states and take a "cosmetic vacation".  It turns out Brazil has the highest per capita of plastic surgery and breast reduction is the most popular type of plastic surgery here (surprise, surprise!):
Cosmetic Surgery Abroad. Cosmetic surgery's popularity is spreading throughout the developed world. South Korea has the highest ratio of cosmetic surgeons to citizens worldwide, but Brazil has the most cosmetic surgical procedures per capita. ... In Brazil, breast reduction is more popular.[7]
From (see Grobman P. Vital statistics. New York, NY: Plume Books; 2005.). It seems crazy that it's easier for women to pay for surgery than it is to find well-fitting clothes and bras!

Finally, I came to the conclusion that I CAN do something about this.  I don't have to sit around in old bras that don't fit well and clothes that look horrible on me.  I started researching and looking at sales.  My husband is traveling to the states next month and I've already ordered a number of bras and shirts ahead of time so that I can hopefully find something that fits me.  I've also ordered some bras from Ewa Michalak.  I'll have to pay some pretty costly customs fees for them but it will be well worth it to find my size.  Due to the costs of well fitting bras/clothes, I'll probably have to make do with a lot less but it's worth it having things that fit well. 

I also started reading blogs from other busty girls.  The first one I came across was Thin and Curvy and it really was an amazing experience to read about someone who had really BTDT when it comes to ill-fitting bras, hard to find clothes, and body image issues.  It was such a relief to know that these issues were real and not something to just be dismissed because I was "too fussy".  Another thing that I've started doing is getting some of my old outfits tailored.   Thankfully, alterations are relatively inexpensive here so it's something I plan to do often!

I do have at least some good news to report.  I have found a few clothes since that horrible shopping down.  I made a great score at a local consignment shop.  This dress:

It does still have some gaping but is infinitely better than most.  I plan on taking it in and have the waist taken in and see if she can let out the bust a bit (or at least sew an extra button there).  Sorry for the wrinkles, I haven't had a chance to iron it yet. I also found this dress at C&A, which really was an incredible find!

The material is very stretchy, which is why it probably works.  Again, the bust still has a slight gap but I think I'm going to take it in soon to get an extra button put there as well as have the waist taken it on this one also.  I have to admit this find really did give me a huge confidence boost.  It's amazing how something so little can drastically change your mood!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Outfit: Fall Leaves

Happy Autumn!

Cardigan: Target
Shorts: (Yes, they are shorts, not a skirt) Not sure, bought at a local boutique on sale...
Tights: eBay
Tee: Belk
Shoes: Reiker Antistress (My new favorite shoe company! The comfiest shoes I have ever worn, and they are cute, too. Good for those who, like me, have rather narrow feet.)

Nothing in this outfit was very expensive... just creative layering! :-)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Guest Post: How to Select the Perfect Tee for Your Body Type

(The following is our first guest post, from Carol Montrose! While it's important that your tops fit your curves, there are lots of other important aspects of a great fit! She talks about some of those here.)

Unfortunately, one size does NOT fit all, so if you find yourself flirting with the idea of buying a tee that has this size listed on the label, put it back!  While the real function of clothing is to cover and protect our bodies, the truth is that it also serves a number of other purposes.  It can convey a station in life (doctors wear lab coats, for example) or be suited to an activity (yoga pants, running shorts, sequined ballroom-dancing gowns, and so on).  But when it comes to the clothing that you wear every day, that you live your life in, you are no doubt looking for items that are functional and comfortable, but also figure flattering.  And since most of us live our lives in jeans and tees, it behooves you to know how to select the perfect tee for your body type.
So the first thing you need to know is that one size fits some, not all, and it doesn’t fit anyone perfectly.  As a general rule, all this label means is that a tee is going to fit you like a flour sack, completely hiding any figure you might have underneath, or it’s going to squeeze you in all the wrong places and emphasize your problem areas.  Since neither of these options sounds very appealing, you’re best bet is to skip over any shirts with this unfortunate (and untrue) size descriptor.
The next step is to examine your body type and be honest about it.  You can really only look your best when you’re dressing for the shape that your body actually is, rather than the shape it used to be or the shape you wish it was.  Embracing your body type can be hard, but it will help you to dress it properly so that you always look your best.  And don’t assume that you’re the only one who has a hard time dressing your body; every woman has her moments!
Thin and petite women should look for tees that are fitted close to the body.  Anything loose or bulky is going to make you look smaller, even childlike.  This is especially important if you’re a bit lacking in the womanly curves.  And in terms of length, shorter is better.  Anyone who is petite must work to extend the leg-line and a good way to do it is by making sure that the hemline of your shirt goes no lower than the top of your hip (closer to the waistband of your jeans is even better).  Women who are petite but curvy should stick with the shorter length, as well, but look for tees with a bit of detailing around the natural waist (nipped in, ruched, belted, etc.) and a lower portion that floats away from the midsection.
Taller women can, of course, go with tops that are a bit longer, although really, the most attractive styles will hit right at the hipbone.  Again, thinner or more athletic builds should wear fitted tees while those looking to hide a little extra weight around the middle should opt for nipped-in waists only.  And V-necks are universally flattering, extending the neckline, deemphasizing a strong shoulder, and drawing the eye down to make your body look longer and leaner.  Of course, women who are already lean may prefer a crew or boat neck for balance.  In short, there is a perfect tee for every body type, and you can find yours by being honest about your shape and shopping for the tee that is going to suit you best.
Carol Montrose writes for where you can design your own custom clothing at affordable prices.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Calling all guest posters!

I've started the University semester up again. Which, as you all know, generally means it gets a bit quieter here at Thin and Curvy. So, I want your help! I'm looking for some guest posts to keep things interesting. Email me your ideas for posts at brittany [at] thinandcurvy [dot] com. Here are my guidelines for guest posts:

  • Guest posts MUST be relevant to the content of my blog- that means curves, body type, large breasts, curvy hips, body image, etc. If you are unsure if your post idea fits the content of my blog, just ask me! I'm perfectly open to creative ideas, I just want to keep things relevant and interesting to my readers!
  • Posts must only appear on If I find the contents of your guest post elsewhere, I will remove it from my site. You are welcome and encouraged to promote what you write on your blog, twitter, facebook, etc, though!
  • Posts must not replicate content already found on my blog- please save both of us some time by using the search box and checking if your topic has already been covered BEFORE writing to me! However, you are welcome to review a clothing or lingerie company I have already reviewed, adding your own perspectives. 
  • Posts absolutely must not contain material that is racist, sexist, etc. Posts also must not insult other women's bodies in any way. This includes comments like the abhorrent "only a dog wants a bone," insulting smaller chested women, etc. I am strictly against this and will not publish posts that contain this sort of language. Similarly, I would ask that you do your best to keep posts open-minded towards other women's style preferences, etc. 
  • I would prefer that you include at least one image, if possible, to keep things interesting, but it's not a requirement. However, you must insure that all images you send me are either owned by you or safe to use. By sending me an image for use you are taking responsibility for making sure it is safe for use on my blog.
  • No R-rated content, please. (Again, ask if you need clarification.)
  • You are welcome to review clothing companies, but if you have a problem with a company, I ask that you do everything in your power to resolve things with them, first, rather than using my blog as a place to rant. That being said, I am interested in negative reviews- it's helpful to know good and bad companies to buy from. But please do try to keep reviews balanced and if it's negative, include at least one positive about the company, and keep your feedback constructive.
  • Please try to write posts that show a different perspective than one I can give- this is more useful to me, my blog, and my readers.
  • I reserve the right to ask you for edits to your post before publishing it on my blog.

Here are some ideas I have that would make great guest posts- but again, I am totally open to your ideas.
  • Reviews of good (or bad!!) lingerie stores
  • Reviews of curve-friendly companies. Even if I have already reviewed them, your perspective is helpful.
  • Outfit posts- did you put together an outfit that you thought was especially good or creative? Is it something that could inspire other curvy ladies? Send me some photos and commentary about it!
  • Reviews of specific bra styles or companies
  • Rants, rambles, or funny stories about life with curves!

Ok, well I think that's it but please let me know if you have any questions, ideas, etc. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is Banana Republic's new Mad Men line curve-friendly?

Ever since the announcement that Banana Republic would be offering a special, early 1960's style collection inspired by the TV show Mad Men, I think every curvy lady has been wondering, "will it be curve friendly?"

So, as soon as I found out the collection had come out, I rushed to my local Banana Republic to find out! My store didn't have everything, at least not yet, but here's what I found. (Sorry for the crappy cell phone photos... I didn't have my real camera with me!)

I'm wearing a size 4 in this photo. It fit pretty well, but then a sales lady handed me a skinny belt which cinched in the waist the rest of the way in without ruining the look of the dress and gave it a really nice look and fit! I quite liked this dress and may go back and get it at some point.

Ummm... need I say more?

Since it was the smallest size they had under like a 12, I optimistically went for my 'waist size'... 0. Surprise! It actually fit! Unlike the blue begonia dress it had a little bit of stretch, but it was still very tailored feeling. The lining was super super soft. I have wanted a dress like this for... oh I don't know... years. The perfect lace little white dress. I even bought one like it from Bravissimo a while back on eBay, before I knew how badly they would fit me, but of course it looked awful. But this was really nice.  I have seen enough fashion bloggers style their own to know it would be endlessly versatile whilst being soft, summery, and feminine. It flattened me out a little bit from the side, but not too bad and I think a different bra would help with that. I will definitely be getting this one!

Ok, totally not my style. but I know some of you will love it and with the belt to cinch it in at the waist, it's a pretty good fit.

I thought this pretty silk dark blue shirt was part of the collection when I grabbed it, but as you can see, epic fail as that's as far as it would button. It was also too big for my waist, despite being a size 0. Sigh. But I really liked this pretty black skirt. Very professional looking but also curvy bum friendly. (also size 0 and a great fit at the waist!) If this whole outfit could have fit me, I would have paired it with an artsy necklace and shoes and worn it to interviews or other times I wanted to look professional. It somehow felt very 'artist-dresses-up' and I liked that.

Ok, 1) SOOOO not my color, ick. And 2) massive at the waist. The second photo shows it held in.

So, as you can see, the collection was a bit hit or miss for us hourglassy, curvy ladies, but there was definitely a more waist tailored silhouette than most clothes. I thought that the more curve friendly pieces were quite nice, though. I definitely had my doubts but I was pleasantly surprised. i would love to hear other busties' thoughts on the collection if you have a chance to try it on. I will probably also be going back and trying s few other things on, as well as to get that white dress. (And maybe this time I can remember to bring my nice camera!) :-D

What do you think? Will you be trying any of the pieces from the collection?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Outfit post: Biubiu Summer City watercolor dress!

So, I got a new Biubiu order! Since I've already done my main review, this time I'm going to be secretive and show you the new clothes as I wear them, in outfit posts. :-) I am also adding a Biubiu tag to posts, so if you filter by that then you will be able to see all the outfits with Biubiu clothing in them!

I know this dress is called Summer City, but in my head I think of it as "the watercolor dress." In photos it struck me more as a big floral print, but in person I feel like it really looks a lot like a watercolor painting. Very pretty. :-)

At first, I didn't order this dress, thinking I'd be good and just try out the Indigo City. But then I regretted not getting it once it was too late. :-( Then, when I got my package, surprise! Kinga sent it to me anyway as a thank you for helping promote Biubiu. Thank you Kinga! :-) It may actually be my favorite thing I got, too. :-)

As far as the fit goes, it's pretty perfect- It reminds me of Trashy Diva. It's quite snug, so if you are smaller than me you could still wear it, but definitely size up if you are bigger than me, either in bust or in waist, or if you like a looser fit.

Dress: Biubiu
Necklace: Gift from boyfriend (it's a real butterfly wing!)
Shoes: Spring Step
Unders: Ewa Michalak halfcup and Hanky Panky :-D

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Guest Post: Katja's review of Biubiu clothing

(Hi, everybody! Katja found out about Biubiu through my blog and when the clothes arrived, she was delighted with them! I thought it would be fun to have her write her own review for the blog, so you can see how they work on another beautiful Thin and Curvy lady! Click here to see my review of Biubiu. Here's Katja's review!)

My First BiuBiu Order

After month of depressing orders with Pepperberry and trying to squeeze my assets into clothes that for some reason have become bigger in the body but smaller in the bust, I stumbled across the Polish company BiuBiu and contacted Kinga to see what size I would have to order in their clothes.

I sent her my shopping list by email and she told me which clothes I would have to size up in and got everything ready for me as she thought would suit and fit me. To be honest I was a small bit worried the clothes might not fit, as the advice was only over email. But then the (big) parcel came and I could not believe my eyes. The clothes look so much more beautiful than in the pictures and every single item fit like a glove, and did not need to be stitched in the bust area like my Pepperberry clothes for showing too much cleavage.

I especially loved the Fuego in all the different colours. It is so slimming and looks great even if your stomach is currently not as flat as you would like it to be.

Another of my favourite tops is Delgado Zabajone which looks incredibly stunning with a pair of jeans. I find the clothes to be very good quality, they wash well and compared to Pepperberry clothes that I found to easily rip apart lately and stitches to come off, I think that the BiuBiu clothes are of much better quality.

Even my partner said ( without being asked!!! ;-) ) that he thinks the BiuBiu clothes flatter my hourglass shape much better than PB.

My favourite dresses have got to be: Stone Town and the Red Town.  they look incredibly sophisticated and just hug your figure and make you feel a million dollars.

The most compliments I got for this dress: Black Polka Dot. Again, very flattering and sophisticated, gorgeous material and just makes the most of your figure.

I am officially in love with BiuBiu and can't wait for my second order to arrive.

In PB clothes I am supposed to be an 8Really Curvy, and BiuBiu I am usually a 36b/bb.