Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Second Base Review

The camisole. It's generally considered a must-have basic, particularly for busty women. They provide coverage, when layered under other tops, and prevent unwanted cleavage show. They can turn a blouse from totally indecent to perfectly suitable.

But all too often, like any other top, they are hard to fit. They are too big at my waist, which adds unnecessary bulk, and too snug at my hips and bust, which means they ride up. The extra fabric is much too hot in the summer, and can add undesirable lumps and bumps under a snug-fitting outer layer.

Enter Second Base demi camis. They are designed to fit over your bra and cover cleavage, but they are cropped and fitted so as not to add extra bulk. 

I chose the daytime style "Brittany" (how could I resist??!) in sage. It's shown here over my Ewa Michalak Toffik bra. :-)

It's really pretty, with sweet lace on the trim, which is just my style- but if you want something sportier, Second Base has lots of style options. It also has fully adjustable shoulder straps which would be great if you're petite.

This tunic top is made out of somewhat clingy viscose fabric. The Second Base style is made of of a super duper soft, lightweight modal fabric. I was worried it would add extra bulk under clothes, but it doesn't at all. I can also tell the fabric is of high quality and will last a long time, though I do plan to wash it gently. 
The fabric also breathes really well, which is super important. They are comfortable even in the hot summertime, when a normal cami layer would be unthinkable!

They also stay put well without riding around, yet they don't cut in at all!

But in case you're wondering if the price is worth it when you could get a $5 cami at Wal-Mart, the answer is that the quality, not to mention convenience,  totally matches the price tag.

This is one of Second Base's evening styles, Jennifer. It's made of soft, not scratchy, nylon lace material. It's sheer so you could see a hint of cleavage through it, without going over-the top. It also, as you can see, has thicker straps so it can hide your bra straps.

You can use it for your basic cleavage coverage, or...

If you felt daring, you could use it as the base for an "underwear as outerwear" inspired look, and as it has the wider back and lace material it would look more like one of those bandeau bras which are meant to be seen.

If you've ever tired on a top at a store that was cute and fit decently, but showed way too much cleavage, Second Base is definitely the answer. I could see having a rainbow of colors, which would allow for lots of fun mixing and matching, too. I definitely want to add to my Second Base collection.

I do wish that there was a style like the Brittany, but with thicker straps to cover bra straps, like so many of the other styles have. It would be even better if some of that pretty lace could extend onto the straps. :-) I would also really like to see the lace evening styles in a rainbow of pretty colors, instead of just basic black and white.

I went by their size chart, accounting for my bra "sister size," and ordered a size large, which fits, but I think I could do a medium next time. They are stretchy, so if in doubt, size down. I'm also not on their size chart really at all, being a size 26HH, but as you can see they fit just fine! So there is definitely wiggle room in terms of the sizing.

In conclusion, if you're looking for the perfect cleavage coverage solution, Second Base is it! :-)

(Second Base demi camis were sent to me for review purposes, however all opinions are 100% my own!)


  1. Fab post. These look great on you :-)

    I actually made my own cami tops a few years ago - I bought some very fitted stretchy vest tops from H&M (only £3.99 each) in every colour of the rainbow, cut them short and then turned over an inch at the bottom to form a hem and sealed it with WunderWeb (the lazy person's iron-on hemming system). As the tops were a snug fit in the first place, especially over my boobs, they don't ride up at all and provide the exact solution you have described here.

    Camis are great!

  2. I hadn't heard of these - they seem like a great idea! I've gotten a little tired of having to wear camis with everything, and this looks like a good alternative.

  3. These look amazing, they accentuate your gorgeous slender curvy body and shape so well on their own and under outfits. I especially love your outfit choice with the black one - beautiful x

  4. I LOVE that last combination. Your description of the fabric quality wins me over, plus I love that they seem to stay put under your bust line. What size are you wearing?

    Unfortunately, I still can't stand the way the cami breaks up the neckline of your wrap tunic and pretty tee, but until clothing manufacturers address cleavage control in their necklines, there will always be a need for products like 2nd Base.

  5. Love these tops! It's a real shame that it doesn't look like they ship to the UK yet (I'd buy several in a heartbeat) - but hopefully they will in the future. Great idea and they look really really good on you!

  6. Brittany, which size did you get? I have been looking for a cropped cami for months, but as a 34GG I can't find one that really fits. The size charts on Second Base only go up to an F cup :( And there is no size chart at all for their plus sizes.

  7. Thanks for the great photos and article, Brittany! We love the looks you put together!

    Darlene, sometimes a nude cami can solve the issue when you don't want to break up the neckline. We have a lot of customers who prefer this for a more streamlined look.

    Azzy, we are happy to ship anywhere. Please email us at and we can take your order via email, give you a shipping quote, and do a payment request via paypal.

    Thank you for your interest and feedback!
    - Jennie, Creator of Second Base

  8. wow, this looks great! i wear camis under almost half my tops and they always end up riding up around my waist, not to mention dipping too low after a few hours of wear. def will invest in one (or more!) of these!

  9. I like the look of the last picture. It goes well with the white lace top. A very daring and sexy style.

  10. got the Meredith in ivory in the mail today and I love it!

  11. I honestly think that most tops would look better without one of these over the bra. Own your cleavage--it's a part of being naturally busty.

  12. Thank you so much for your blog. I have been wearing a 34DD/DDD for years. I knew it didn't fit, but didn't think there was anything that *would* fit me. I'm now in a Curvy Kate 30J and for the first time the center gore sits flat against my chest. Amazing! Now to order some Biubiu clothes!

  13. Just for other busty ladies considering this, I wear a 34 GG and ordered 2 of the Second Base camis in the Sarah style. I'm not on the size chart either, but ordered an XL figuring it could still work. It's all well and good to say own your cleavage, but I'm not comfortable owning so much of it in a conservative workplace environment.

    When I tried them on, they were fine, giving me the coverage I wanted, but didn't quite reach the bottom of my bra in front. I cut off the tags, washed them and wore the black one the next day with a Biubiu top. Sadly, during the day the cami worked it's way down and I ended up flashing my bra and too much cleavage at work. Very frustrating! And now I'm out $50 because the one I didn't wear was washed, and so it's not returnable. I saw that they offer plus sizes, but I don't need a bigger width, just more depth. Hope this helps someone else.

  14. Loooove that wrap top!

    Another option for covering cleavage is the Cleava. I got one to review on my blog, and I LOVED it. It ONLY covers that center portion, so it isn't all hot or bunchy, and it stays put pretty well.


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