About Me

Hello. I'm Brittany. I'm an artist living in the Mountains of North Carolina. I started this blog because I was frustrated with trying to find clothing, bras, and advice for large chested women.

I have been researching these issues for many years now. I encountered a lot of other women in my research who were struggling with the same issues I was. I kept thinking "somebody should write a blog about this stuff" and then I realized that that person would have to be me! :-)

I want to help all of the people out there like myself who are frustrated by the lack of clothing, support, and resources for women with big breasts. I am body image positive, and I want all women to be able to feel beautiful.

Questions? Comments? Requests? You can email me at brittany [at] thinandcurvy [dot] com. Due to volume, I am unfortunately no longer able to respond to every single email I receive. This is not in any way personal, and I do appreciate hearing from you. Please do go ahead and write to me though- I may respond if I have the time, or I may use your question as inspiration for a new blog post!