Monday, September 23, 2013

Lingerie Lust List: A/W 2013 Edition

I have a confession, everyone. I may very well spend all of my money on bras within the next few months. Can you really blame me, when companies are coming out with goodies like these?

A newsworthy offering from Ewa Michalak!
I never knew how much I wanted a newsprint bra until I saw one. Ever since EM provided the sneak-peek photos on their Facebook page, I have been drooling. The panties are adorable as well, and I can easily see myself splurging to get the matching set.

If I was wearing this bra right now, I'd be smiling just as wide!
This is called the "Seaside", and you can find it here at SugarShape! I'm a huge fan of SugarShape, and I highly recommend their bras if you find Panache wires to be too wide and Ewa/other Polish brands' wires to be too narrow. I just love the ice blue hue and the pinstripes! You also can't forget that SugarShape provides bra charms that you can attach to a hook on the center gore of all of their bras! They add a lovely touch.

The most beautiful purple ever, on one of my favorite bras ever.
Ah, the Cleo Marcie, in an exclusive color at Bravissimo. I think it's a real shame that other retailers don't get to benefit from this completely gorgeous colorway, because it is stunning. It's such a rich, deep shade of purple... love at first sight for this gal.

The color is called Vanilla. I think it's extremely fitting!
This is the Tutti Rouge Liliana in Vanilla, and while the Liliana isn't the best fit for me, I absolutely adore this colorway. This isn't just a boring white bra -- this is a softer, more muted ivory, with an adorable hot pink ribbon detail.

Do any of you have bras you've been drooling over this season? It seems as though a lot of companies have stepped up their game for this season, and it's extremely exciting!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Skirt Review: Pink Clove UK's Lace Skater Skirt

First of all, I have to say I never would've heard of Pink Clove had it not been for this blog post by The Full Figured Chest. Thank you, Holly! I fell in love with the Gold Roses Foil Pencil Skirt, so I headed over to their website and began to drool. I'm at the very low end of their size range, so I consider myself lucky to be able to shop their styles! I ended up purchasing both the Gold Roses Foil Pencil Skirt and the Lace Skater Skirt in UK size 16 (US size 12). I'm going to review both eventually, but I'm starting with the Skater Skirt. I'm mainly going to be writing about business-appropriate clothing here, but I want to show y'all a bit of my casual side as well.

Here's the image from the Pink Clove website:

This is how it looks on a woman who is 5'11" and knows how to model!
How could I resist? It's gorgeous. Here's how it looks on me:

I need to take lessons from Brittany or the Pink Clove model on how to pose for pictures. Yeesh.
First, I want to say this skirt is exceptionally comfortable. The waist band is nice and stretchy, and there are no annoying zippers to worry about.

Showin' off that batwing shirt. It's supposed to be a dress. I got it at Bebe. It's so short
I have to wear it as a shirt, or else I'll get arrested. Getting arrested isn't a good look.
I love where this dress hits my leg. It's not so short as to be indecent, but it doesn't cut me off and make me look shorter than I am. Since I'm only 5'3", other ladies may find this skirt to be a bit short. For me, however, it's perfect and I love it.

Me, deeply contemplating that wind chime. It was here when I moved in.
I may take it with me when I leave. Shh, don't tell.
I often have trouble with skirts being shorter in the back than in the front. I don't have that problem with this skirt, and it's lovely! Pink Clove understands that their customers may have sizeable butts to cover, and they take that into consideration in their design. A well-covered butt: it's a beautiful thing.

The stretch-lace layer has a really lovely sheen to it.
I love the stretch-lace. I love lace, but its inflexibility makes it hard for me to be able to rock it. I need lace that can deal with curves, and this stretch lace is absolutely perfect. Underneath the lace is a black slip that also has some stretch to it, making this skirt extremely accommodating to different body shapes.

I really love the wind chime. I also need new props. 
This is a very easy skirt to wear, and I think it'll transition perfectly from season to season. I'm rocking a bit of a fall look in this picture, but I can easily lighten it up for summer with a pink tank top and sandals. It can go to winter easily with some tights and a cardigan.

Outfit Summary:
Shirt: Bebe "dress" that I got last year
Skirt: Pink Clove UK Lace Skater Skirt
Shoes: Rocketdog flats
Belt: Charming Charlie's
Awkward Photo Face: delightfully my own
Windchime: ???!
Bra: SugarShape BH Pure Ivory, in 85/110 (note: I am wearing the left strap really loose because I got a new tattoo two days ago and I don't want to irritate it. This bra, in the Ivory, runs a bit larger in band and cup than their BH Leyla, which is my favorite bra of all time. Since I normally wear a 34HH at the present moment, I'd say the Pure Ivory is more of a 36HH.)

For our readers who are blessed with a bum like mine, I hope this review inspires you to check out this skirt! It's beautiful, insanely comfortable, and well-priced. Can't beat that!