Saturday, December 7, 2013

Review of the SugarShape Ruby!

This post was written by Laura, a contributing blogger for Thin and Curvy. If you missed her intro post, look no further!

**Disclaimer: This set was gifted to me by SugarShape. All opinions are my own.**

Hello, readers! Is everyone feeling the holiday spirit? Well, if not, you're going to soon! Take a gander at the SugarShape Ruby, available here:

Them polka dots. That lace. SO BEAUTIFUL.
I can't describe this red as any other color than Santa Red. It's stunning. The bow is black, red, and green, so it's definitely appropriate for Christmas! My normal size in SugarShape is 85/110. SugarShape bases sizing strictly on measurements and forgoes the letter system entirely. The Ruby runs small in both the cups and the band, so I was sent a 90/112.5. The first number in the SugarShape sizing system is for your ribcage, and the second number is for your bust circumference.

Better view of the polka dots. They're a lovely touch!

The materials on this bra are exceptionally soft. The only remotely uncomfortable aspect of the bra is that the sides of the bra come up a little high under my arms, but I'm short. I think most people wouldn't have a problem, and it only actually is a problem when I'm not wearing a shirt.

The cups are lightly padded, which helps give a phenomenal shape!
As you can see, the cups are comprised of three panels with vertical seaming. I love bras with vertical seaming, because it's almost guaranteed that they will always give an uplifted, round shape!

The gore's fabric is sheer, too. So pretty!

As I mentioned before, I was sent a 90/112.5. Even going up one size in the band and two sizes in the cup, the cups in the Ruby were still a little too small. I think a 90/115 would have been perfect!

EDIT: Team SugarShape told me that the cup sizes in the 90/112.5 and the 85/110 should be equivalent. That makes sense, since they don't use a cup size system. My brain was stuck on the normal "up in the band, down in the cup" mentality! So once you figure out your SugarShape size, (like 85/110), add one band size (85 -> 90) and two cup sizes (110 -> 115). It's not that the bra runs two full cup sizes small. Proportionally, an 85/110 would normally have the same cup volume as a 90/112.5. This bra does happen to run tight in the band and the cups, though, so the result is as if you're adding one band size and two cup sizes. I hope this isn't too confusing! If you want help in figuring out your SugarShape size for the Ruby, please ask in the comments!

The gore doesn't tack because the cups are too small, but I don't get quadboob in this bra because the cups are really nice and low-cut. This bra can definitely be used as a plunge, even though SugarShape calls it a balconette. I am going to save this bra for nights when I'm going out on a date, or... *ahem* staying in. My boyfriend's a pretty big fan of how low-cut the cups are, not gonna lie.

I somehow missed taking a picture of the bra charm I got with this bra, but I picked the anchor, which is absolutely adorable with this set! All of the proceeds from ordering the bra charms, which are interchangeable among SugarShape bras, go to charity! Doesn't that put you right in the holiday spirit?

I also received the high-waisted panties, found here, in a size 115. These fit like a dream, let me tell you! They hit me right at my natural waist, and they have a bit of shaping strength in them. I feel very smoothed out in these panties, and they are beyond comfortable. These run true to size.

For anyone in the United States interested in ordering from SugarShape, it's best to do so through email. Contact Sabrina at and she'll take very good care of you! I've placed several orders with SugarShape through Sabrina and have never had a problem. She'll even verify which size you should order if you're unsure!