Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Review: Halterneck SlinkyDip Bikini

What is possibly the most awesome thing about The Big Bra Bar, is that they are willing to try making potentially riskier items that serve an unrecognized need. They even make bras for the most ignored segment of band sizes... 26-32.

So with that being said, this swimsuit isn't for everyone. It lacks an underwire, and so it's never going to be able to be quite as supportive as a suit with a wire... meaning if your breasts are on the saggy side and you feel self-conscious about it, you probably should skip it.  It also takes a lot of confidence to wear.

It's also not a swimsuit you should dive or swim laps in, go for a job, play beach volley, etc.

The concept was to create one of those sexy, string bikinis like you might see on celebrities or in fashion magazines. However, unlike the kind you can buy in stores, it's made with extra room in the cups for a larger bust.

I hear a lot from younger women with a fuller bust that they feel like many of the clothes, bras, and swimsuits out there are frumpy. They want young and fun and sexy- in the case of a swimsuit, something to hang out at the beach or pool in, and maybe flirt with guys.

This is the perfect swimsuit for that. It's flirty, it's sexy, it's adorable.

It ties at the band and halterneck, so there's a lot of wiggle room in terms of sizing. I was easily able to tie it snug enough to work on my 24/26 band ribcage, but it is very stretchy so it's not going to be super duper snug. Since the sizing is so flexible, it comes in a few sizes, each of which will fit a range of band and cup sizes.

I was a bit concerned that without wires, there wouldn't be much cleavage, (something that's essential in a sexy lounging bikini, don't you agree?) but I was pleasantly surprised. Again, this bikini is going to be better suited if you are younger and have firmer breasts, but I think it looks quite nice, especially considering the lack of wire.

Many of you won't see the point to this suit. Fine... go get a nice, underwired suit if that's your thing. And in fact, I wouldn't want this to be my only suit, as I love to swim actively, and dive.

But if you are one of those ladies who always sighs longingly when you pass by the cute little string bikinis that pop up in all the stores come springtime, this is an excellent choice for you.