Saturday, January 7, 2017

Quick Loves List from Laura!

Hey all! I know everyone's really looking forward to hearing about how Brittany's recovery process has been going, but I feel like I've been pretty radio silent on the reviews for awhile and feel bad about it! Just wanted to give y'all a quick rundown of what I've discovered as super bust friendly lately:

1) CowCow dresses.

They're on Amazon. They're cheap. They run from XS-5X (depending on the style). They come in ridiculously adorable prints. They flatter everyone I know who's bought them, and I'm talking a HUGE range of body shapes. Some of the prints do get a little silvery when stretching over the boobs, but they're never see-through.

I mean, just look at this.

Yes, you can have it all: a dress covered in cupcakes.

For reference, I'm generally a size 14-16 these days (14 on the bottom, 16 for my boobs) and I consistently order a size XL. These dresses have a lot of stretch, which is why they're so great for so many different body shapes. They're especially generous for large breasts, and I just couldn't not share the love.

2) The Curvy Kate Luxe strapless bra.

This thing is a workhorse, y'all. It's not the perfect bra. I don't wish I could wear it every day. But man, when I need a strapless bra, this thing is by far the best I've come across. I'm typically a UK 34HH, but I got this in a 34H back when they first came out. (And now that I'm seeing it in a 34HH and 34J, I'm tempted to try them both...) Predictably, it's a bit small in the cups, but my boobs stay put. By the end of the night, the band hurts a bit, but it's definitely bearable. I've also been able to wear it with one strap, but I don't prefer feeling so lopsided. I'd rather just wear it fully strapless and go for it. Honestly, Curvy Kate bras hardly ever work for my shape, but this one just fits the bill. I don't even remember if I've reviewed this before, and, even if I have, raving about it again is justifiable. I'm going to be a Maid of Honor this September, and the dress I chose for myself has a sheer bateau neckline. I could technically wear a beige bra, but the strapless is so much better. I'm so grateful to have it as an option.

So simple and so good at what it's designed to do.

3) Shadowline nightgowns.

This all started because I decided I was hosting a fancy pajamas dinner, only to realize I had no fancy pajamas that were acceptable for platonic company. I went down an Amazon rabbit hole and came up with Shadowline. Their nightgowns are so comfortable, not to mention flattering -- I feel like a Disney princess when I wear the set I bought for dinner (a robe and gown combo in ivory). The fabric is a bit sheer, but unless you're standing in a place with a lot of floor lighting, it shouldn't be noticeable. These come in straight and plus sizes. The longer gowns may come up a bit short on tall readers who aren't as busty as I am. The length for me (5'3" with 34HH boobs) is literally perfect. If you're maybe 5'6" with a 32FF (for example), you should be fine. They also have shorter gowns as well. 

I seriously float around the house whenever I put this set on.

I got a 1X in the set, and while it's a little boobalicious, it's perfect for when you want to treat yourself with nice pajamas without going too crazy on the budget. Best part? They're machine wash, tumble dry low. My heart fluttered when I saw the washing instructions.


I hope some of you discover something wonderful within these recommendations! I'm certain Brittany will be writing about more of her recovery process soon. Thanks to everyone who left kind & supportive words for her! We really appreciate it.