Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Calling all guest posters!

I've started the University semester up again. Which, as you all know, generally means it gets a bit quieter here at Thin and Curvy. So, I want your help! I'm looking for some guest posts to keep things interesting. Email me your ideas for posts at brittany [at] thinandcurvy [dot] com. Here are my guidelines for guest posts:

  • Guest posts MUST be relevant to the content of my blog- that means curves, body type, large breasts, curvy hips, body image, etc. If you are unsure if your post idea fits the content of my blog, just ask me! I'm perfectly open to creative ideas, I just want to keep things relevant and interesting to my readers!
  • Posts must only appear on thinandcurvy.com. If I find the contents of your guest post elsewhere, I will remove it from my site. You are welcome and encouraged to promote what you write on your blog, twitter, facebook, etc, though!
  • Posts must not replicate content already found on my blog- please save both of us some time by using the search box and checking if your topic has already been covered BEFORE writing to me! However, you are welcome to review a clothing or lingerie company I have already reviewed, adding your own perspectives. 
  • Posts absolutely must not contain material that is racist, sexist, etc. Posts also must not insult other women's bodies in any way. This includes comments like the abhorrent "only a dog wants a bone," insulting smaller chested women, etc. I am strictly against this and will not publish posts that contain this sort of language. Similarly, I would ask that you do your best to keep posts open-minded towards other women's style preferences, etc. 
  • I would prefer that you include at least one image, if possible, to keep things interesting, but it's not a requirement. However, you must insure that all images you send me are either owned by you or safe to use. By sending me an image for use you are taking responsibility for making sure it is safe for use on my blog.
  • No R-rated content, please. (Again, ask if you need clarification.)
  • You are welcome to review clothing companies, but if you have a problem with a company, I ask that you do everything in your power to resolve things with them, first, rather than using my blog as a place to rant. That being said, I am interested in negative reviews- it's helpful to know good and bad companies to buy from. But please do try to keep reviews balanced and if it's negative, include at least one positive about the company, and keep your feedback constructive.
  • Please try to write posts that show a different perspective than one I can give- this is more useful to me, my blog, and my readers.
  • I reserve the right to ask you for edits to your post before publishing it on my blog.

Here are some ideas I have that would make great guest posts- but again, I am totally open to your ideas.
  • Reviews of good (or bad!!) lingerie stores
  • Reviews of curve-friendly companies. Even if I have already reviewed them, your perspective is helpful.
  • Outfit posts- did you put together an outfit that you thought was especially good or creative? Is it something that could inspire other curvy ladies? Send me some photos and commentary about it!
  • Reviews of specific bra styles or companies
  • Rants, rambles, or funny stories about life with curves!

Ok, well I think that's it but please let me know if you have any questions, ideas, etc. I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Hmmm, I'd love write a guest post... maybe I'll work on one as I'd love to be featured on Thin and Curvy (being thin and curvy :P)

  2. I am trying to figure out what bra size I should wear for Ewa Michalak bras, and I am confused.
    I am (according to your sight) a 24G, and GG (in between cup sizes usually). I have a Cleo bra by Panache that is a size 28F and the band fits more like a 26 band I'd say, maybe a tad smaller, and it fits okay... just not perfect. I hope I find a good fit with Em bras.
    What size for EM bras do you recommend??
    thank you in advance! also, your site has been such a huge help to me in my search for the perfect bra.

  3. Hi, I think it would be nice to have a post on the Playtex US fitting advice. Recently, Playtex UK had a focus group regarding "the war on plus 4" and it seemed like they took the comments made in the focus group to heart. It would be nice to bring attention to Playtex US because they advise adding 5 inches to the underbust measurement. They generally don't seem to know much about bra fitting as witnessed by their current makeover video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bf2F4GkeanM

    I think we need on a war on plus 5.

  4. A review on this company would be interesting, they offer customized sizes. http://www.eshakti.com/newcustomizing.asp

  5. Would you be interested in something on maternity/nursing bras? I wonder because we the large-chested and baby-endowed have such issues finding the right bra. It might be interesting. I'd have to do some research, of course... pregnancy forums and whatnot.

  6. i am not "proud" i am male i do wear bra,s i dont know why, but for what its worth this is the first "blog" as it were to correct if not highlight this sizing issue, that i have seen.
    being a so called"cross dresser" i have gone through all the purge & binge etc
    now in my 50,s have given up and wear womens underwear most if not all the time

  7. I am not Thin and Curvy, but if you need a guest post on Corsets and/or a thicker body type I could write about that. I am also very glad to have found your blog. I did so through Wapsi Square.

  8. I'm interested in guest posting if you still want it, can write about other sources of 24-26 bras.


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