Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Guest Post: Katja's review of Biubiu clothing

(Hi, everybody! Katja found out about Biubiu through my blog and when the clothes arrived, she was delighted with them! I thought it would be fun to have her write her own review for the blog, so you can see how they work on another beautiful Thin and Curvy lady! Click here to see my review of Biubiu. Here's Katja's review!)

My First BiuBiu Order

After month of depressing orders with Pepperberry and trying to squeeze my assets into clothes that for some reason have become bigger in the body but smaller in the bust, I stumbled across the Polish company BiuBiu and contacted Kinga to see what size I would have to order in their clothes.

I sent her my shopping list by email and she told me which clothes I would have to size up in and got everything ready for me as she thought would suit and fit me. To be honest I was a small bit worried the clothes might not fit, as the advice was only over email. But then the (big) parcel came and I could not believe my eyes. The clothes look so much more beautiful than in the pictures and every single item fit like a glove, and did not need to be stitched in the bust area like my Pepperberry clothes for showing too much cleavage.

I especially loved the Fuego in all the different colours. It is so slimming and looks great even if your stomach is currently not as flat as you would like it to be.

Another of my favourite tops is Delgado Zabajone which looks incredibly stunning with a pair of jeans. I find the clothes to be very good quality, they wash well and compared to Pepperberry clothes that I found to easily rip apart lately and stitches to come off, I think that the BiuBiu clothes are of much better quality.

Even my partner said ( without being asked!!! ;-) ) that he thinks the BiuBiu clothes flatter my hourglass shape much better than PB.

My favourite dresses have got to be: Stone Town and the Red Town.  they look incredibly sophisticated and just hug your figure and make you feel a million dollars.

The most compliments I got for this dress: Black Polka Dot. Again, very flattering and sophisticated, gorgeous material and just makes the most of your figure.

I am officially in love with BiuBiu and can't wait for my second order to arrive.

In PB clothes I am supposed to be an 8Really Curvy, and BiuBiu I am usually a 36b/bb.


  1. Ooooo, what a lovely figure and the clothes look perfect on her, especially the dress! They look really flattering!

    Kitty x

  2. You look fantastic (and I love the picture with the lake)! BTW, Brittany, the link on Twitter (supposed to be to this text) sends you to a site about digital photography.

  3. Once I can afford it, I'm definitely going to invest in some of the cute, casual tops! Katja, you look fantastic!

    I've read that the clothes are a bit long. I'm petite (5'1") with a short waist and I kind of need long tops to flatter my body shape. Do you think that would work for me?

  4. Looks fantastic! Thanks for the review!

  5. Thanks for all the lovely compliments! Mandy, yes, that is true, I also found the tops are a little longer than other brands, but love the fact as I am 1,70m and hate tops riding up my belly, with BiuBiu's lengths you can either ruffle them up a bit outside your jeans, which is brilliant to hide a little belly, or tug them in for a more defined figure. You should definitely give them a try and see how you get on with their tops =-). Good luck!!!

  6. Hello!
    I am a big fan of BiuBiu clothes - I love Vanity Fair especially ;-) I have this line almost in every color!
    Kinga - the owner of BiuBiu company is a great warm person who really understand curvy women ;-)
    Greetings from Poland

  7. These are very cute. I really like the cut of the green t-shirt, and would be interested in ordering myself, but I can barely navigate the Polish website. Any tips on how these items can be bought in dollars with correct communication with the company? I'm not sure I want to rely on Babelfish; I could end up sending gibberish.

    I also wanted to add that I was so glad to find this website and wish resources like this had been available when I was your age. I'm 34 now, so my undergrad days are long gone, but, funnily enough, I was an art student too, with a tall curvy figure. I'm larger-framed, but I was about a 42-bust and a 26-waist in college, along with hourglass hips. I believed at the time that I was deformed and freakish. I couldn't shop in any trendy stores without embarrassment. It was rare that even the largest size dress would zip over my ribs and bust, yet my waist would have otherwise had me wearing about a size six or eight. (It seems like 26" is a smaller size these days though?)

    I look back at old photos and wonder why I look so much dumpier than I should have with my measurements, but it comes back to the fact that I was wearing a 36D or 38D bra, despite a ribcage that measured 31 inches. I thought a large-boned person like me couldn't possibly wear the smallest standard band measurement. Wrong. It turns out that women with small and medium frames need sizes that don't even exist.

    I wish I'd had any options back then, or a place to commiserate. It's not as if friends ever want to hear about how much larger your breasts are than your waist!

    I'm not thin any more at a size 14, but I still have curvy proportions and a narrow waist. My figure is nothing like a typical "plus-sized" figure, and straight sizes are still gappy at my waist and tight at my bust. The smallest plus-sized garments are almost six inches too large at my waist. Even with straight sizes, I usually have to pay $30 to have the waist taken in on a simply-constructed garment.

  8. @Anonymous, there's an English version of the BiuBiu site - click on the Union Jack in the upper right corner of the screen.

  9. I am the bra size 28F and have a little bit wide-set breasts. I have been doing research online for bra brands that run small in the band so then I can have the litte bit wideset cups, but have the band fit.

    so the brands that run small in the band are DKNY - they run about a whole size small in the band. I bought a 34D (back when I thought I was a 32DD) and the band fit like 32 bands fit, maybe even a little smaller.
    also, Chantelle I have heard run small (in the band) in some styles such as the Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit bra.
    Elle Macpherson bras run a whole size small in both band and cup.
    I have also heard from a couple bra fitters that Wacoal bras run small in the band as well.

    I hope that I could help someone with this info! =)

  10. Katja how long did Kinga take to respond to your email? I sent one last Thursday and I am waiting most impatiently for a response since I want to start ordering.

  11. Hi Nakita,

    you obviously have received your order by now and I hope that you are as over the moon as I was. It can sometimes take a few weeks before Kinga gets back to you, depending how busy she is... but believe me.. it's worth the wait. Enjoy your goodies =-)

  12. After all the rave reviews I have seen about this company I have taken the plunge and made an order. Eagerly awaiting the clothes arriving in Scotland next week

  13. Anything Similar near Louisville I could go try on? LOVE these clothes!!


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