Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Do you ever feel like there is nothing made to fit you?

As much as I try to stay positive, sometimes the search for clothing that fits me gets incredibly frustrating. My body shape is supposed to be a good thing- even "ideal," but everywhere I turn, things just aren't designed to fit me. It's especially sad when I find a new company that is supposed to make clothes for a slim waist and large breasts, and then I look at the size chart and find, yet again, that the smallest waist size is designed for somebody 2-3 or more inches larger than I am. I look everywhere, but the smallest bra band is 28- and I simply cannot believe that there aren't plenty women who need 26,24, even 22 bands. I want to shake manufacturers and scream, "I might have a small frame, but I'm 5'10"! And I need a smaller size than you make! What about women proportionately smaller than me?" But all I hear in reply is "statistically unlikely... not enough demand... not our target customer... "

Objectively, I like my body fairly well. If I could wave a magic wand and magically shrink my hourglass thighs, I probably would. Every body shape- even hourglass- has its pros and cons. However, the fact that NOTHING is designed to fit me makes me feel strange, like a freak, an outsider. Sometimes I wish I could add inches to my ribcage just so things would fit me.

My body type is like a unicorn- special, but not supposed to exist.

Sometimes I wonder if I really was the best person to start this blog- there are a lot of brands I simply cannot fairly review, because I can tell from a glance at their size chart that there's no way they will fit. But that's how I found out all of the information that I write about. I was determined to find things that fit me, and I found a lot of things along the way that will fit a lot of people with slightly less extreme curves than mine.

And I am determined to keep asking. Manufacturers will continue not to offer my size unless I do. So I will. I will keep writing them and searching for new brands and new clothes and new solutions. Maybe I have a chance with the brands that already try to cater to hourglass shapes. Are you with me? Thin AND curvy girls, demand properly fitting clothes!


  1. I think ALL women need to demand properly fitting clothes--I'm thin but curvy like you AND petite (4'11") and of course no one thinks I exist (women under 5 feet with breasts? nonsense!) but even most of my more "average" friends wear clothes that supposedly fit and really don't flatter them because its the best they can get.

  2. Exactly, Penelope! It's so frustrating when companies simply don't think you exist. And I know what you mean about your friends- I see people all the time who I know would look SO much better in properly fitting clothes and bra!

  3. 'My body type is like a unicorn- special, but not supposed to exist.'
    this made me laugh!! so true x

  4. Cheryl Warner-- Thank you! Glad to have made you laugh. I thought it was a pretty good analogy myself. :-)

  5. LOL, a unicorn.

    I think there's a lot of body types that aren't covered in the old "pear/apple/etc" analogies, and that aren't catered to. After all, what do you call someone with broad shoulders and medium breasts, a waist with small hips and a big butt?

  6. ^^ A natural female bodybuilder. Like I was a few years ago. :) I've lost about 15 pounds of muscle since I changed my training/nutrition goals around (indefinitely, I mean--I do like the muscle and may choose to develop my mass again in the future), but the above would describe me EXACTLY back then. Actually, recently my breasts have started growing again (I'm 32 so I'm rather thrilled at this turn of events!) and since I've consequently started reading up on proper bra-fitting, I feel like a whole new world is opening up to me. And, saying that, I have been enjoying reading this blog very much since I stumbled upon it the other night. Good work, Brittany! It's a gold mine of information you have collected here. :)

  7. Thank you for starting this blog. Its so inspiring! I recently found out that i was totally wearing the wrong size for many years. Thanks victoria secret. Finding the right size bra is so hard because so many brands in the stores dont evrn carry my size. Your advice on different websites has helped so much. Clothing shopping is hard too i always have to go up sizes to fit my breasts same with pants for my hips and rear. Also being petite doesnt help :( i look forward to more of your blogs!

  8. Heather (h.j.martini@live.com)December 23, 2011 at 7:39 AM

    Oh wow! :D I just found this site yesterday. Lol
    I totally get what you mean though...I was actually searching sites that are supposed to have clothes that fit me but I have a really large bust size in comparison to my waist..then there is also the fact that I also have trouble fitting bottoms as well cause of the massive hips:(

    I feel like hourglass people will never truly "win" at fitting clothing...although I am making it my responsibility to try and create my own clothes...also possibly bras~^_^

  9. This made me feel so much better about myself! I thought I was the only one who thought this and I am so glad I am not. Thank you for making this site! Its amazing. I can finally get some clothes that fit thanks to your efforts. Really thank you, you made me feel less of a unicorn!
    Emily =D

  10. I understand what your saying completely. I'm a hourglass as well. And they don't make band sizes my size very often either(26). And clothes can be a nightmare. Thats why I learned to tailor them myself..One day I'll have a sewing machine. Yes this will help lotz! :D Even XS womens shirts don't fit in a tailored fashion with my waist,pretty ridiculous. And the thigh thing is so true! I know I am balanced I know I am hourglass but I sure do look at my thighs and think that way to.

  11. I'm really glad I found this post, I feel similarly. I was actually a little depressed before reading it (my life in general has been a mess, and now my breast growth spurt has started back up again and I'm now a member of the "impossible bra club").

    My bra size is a 30 KK (and my breasts "feel" like they're still growing :-/), so many bras for me don't exist either. My only option is PL bras from Ewa Michalak, I need to order them custom-made in 30L (you could get 26 band bras custom-made there too, ask http://www.curvywordy.com/ for more advice as she wear Ewa exclusively as she is quite literally my bra size twin)

    I tried to look for sports bras today, as I used to be a long-distance runner, but there's only one bra that's even an option anywhere near my size and 1) it's honestly not suitable for high-impact activities, 2) pretty much everyone who's reviewed it just doesn't like it.

    "But all I hear in reply is "statistically unlikely... not enough demand... not our target customer... ""

    Exactly. My breasts are a generous size, but they are not the largest breasts I've seen on someone around my size. I've seen much larger, what do those women do?

    "Objectively, I like my body fairly well. If I could wave a magic wand and magically shrink my hourglass thighs, I probably would. Every body shape- even hourglass- has its pros and cons. However, the fact that NOTHING is designed to fit me makes me feel strange, like a freak, an outsider. Sometimes I wish I could add inches to my ribcage just so things would fit me."

    Likewise. I think I have a nice body for the most part, I just can't just find clothes to fit it. And like you, it's hard when your size is not even an *option*...so not even hard-to-find-full-bust-but-available, but pretty much doesn't really exist if someone doesn't sew it for you.

    1. I'm a 34HH and am also a member of the impossible bra club. After searching long and hard, I found a sports bra that works. It's made by Lynx and can be found here: http://www.lynxsportswear.com/Zoom-Sports-Bra_p_19.html

      It works, although I barely fit into their new largest size. I'm scared I'll grow some more :/ They just recently started this new bustier line and are working on adding more products like cami tops and everyday bras.

  12. I just came across this post. I wish clothing and lingerie manufacturers didn't make such an impact on the way you feel about your body!

    But there is definitely something inherently wrong with the system.

    I'm also 5'10, long thin legs and arms and my measurements are 35.5-23.5-36.5. I still don't know what my true bra size is because I haven't been able to try many on. So far I've been able to get my hands on 30F, 28FF and 28G bras and all of which have a cup that is too small or the band is too big or both.

    The strange thing is that I don't think the thin hourglass body is necessarily "rare."

    Also, if you think about it, many of the more commercial models for instance the models in Sports Illustrated magazine and some of the seasoned Victoria's Secret models must be 24 or 26 bands and bigger cups. Even those types of models are required to have 23 or 24 inch waists and many of those types of models are spilling out of those 34B and 34C sample size bras.

  13. I am so glad I found this website. I have a small frame and large breasts for my size and it is so frustrating sometimes trying to find bras that fit AND clothing that looks good---that I actually LIKE. I wish I could just wear what I want instead of always having to first figure out if it looks ok and doesn't make me look like a freaking sphere on toothpicks! I am a 32 D but my frame is so small and I'm five feet and no bras I try on seem to ever be quite perfect. Also no one else I know has this body type, so it's great to find a community of people on here who have gone through the same things #unicornpower


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