Monday, January 24, 2011

Small-chested women are beautiful, too!

I have noticed that, in online discussions of Christina Hendricks, hourglass-shaped women have a sort of vicious glee over her popularity and the fact that she is considered so beautiful. So much so, that they indiscriminantly insult women who are not shaped like Christina. The attitude seems to be one of, "Our body type has been out of fashion for so long, and we've been insulted for looking like this woman, now it's YOUR turn to feel the pain, curveless women! You are not even real women because REAL women have curves!"

I have also seen D+ bloggers, women on forums, etc, go on about how much better, prettier, sexier, we curvy women are. How no man wants a B cup woman. These women are often saying these things to try to build up the confidence and self esteem of themselves or fellow curvy women. But they are saying these things at the expense of smaller-chested women.

I'm not okay with that.

I think that, in the toxic world of body image that we live in today, you have to insulate yourself, mentally, against all the negativity. I know that many- perhaps even most- large chested women feel at least some degree of shame about their chests at some point in their lives. Part of finding your own beauty is finding women whom you can identify with, and focusing on their type of beautiful. I love the world of fashion blogging for providing role models for any age, any body type, any size, any style. You can, and should, find somebody- or several somebodies- that you find beautiful and can identify with for whatever body type and style you might have. Because anybody and everybody can be beautiful.

For this reason, even I am sometimes guilty of jokingly implying- to myself, my boyfriend, to other curvy women- that our body shape is somehow superior. The truth is, it can be a hard balance to strike. And our beautiful, curvy bodies are worth celebrating. Because everybody should celebrate their body, whatever shape it might be. Not because large boobs are inherently more beautiful than small ones.

Keira Knightly. See? Also beautiful!
I worry sometimes that somebody smaller-chested will run across my blog and think that having a large chest seems like the greatest thing ever. I can tell you that it's not- it comes with a whole load of problems and (sometimes literal) headaches.

If you're a smaller-chested lady reading this, listen. I often feel pretty envious of ladies blessed with small breasts. Oh, how wonderful it would be to be able to go without a bra- or at least have a choice. To look glamorous instead of frumpy in loose-fitting shirts. To not have to deal with the unwanted, creepy male attention. To not have to worry you are showing too much cleavage or falling out of your shirt. The ability to just walk into stores and wear whatever shirt you want! I never wanted big boobs. I knew what a struggle my mother had with them, and I didn't want to have the same issue.

Big busted ladies, we cannot build up our own body image at the expense of other women. It is wrong, and it is harmful, and it is immature. The bottom line is, if we all want our body shapes to be accepted and considered beautiful, then we need to be part of the solution. Believe it or not, it is possible for us to consider multiple body types beautiful at once! No matter what your shape is, you can find ways to dress it and accentuate it and be sexy and pretty.

(FWI if you're new here: I never use "curvy" to mean plus-sized or fat. "Curvy" refers to large chested, pear shaped, or hourglass shaped women of any size.)


  1. You hit the nail on the head imho. I, too, try to make sure that I'm careful in my blog posts not to over-emphasise the beauty of the big bust. Because although I'm desperately trying to make big busted women realise they are gorgeous, I still wish I was small(er) busted!

    My auntie is an 8AA and the sheer volumes of comments she has had over her lifetime is enough to make anyone sick. It goes both ways ladies... Let's embrace all women's beauty!

    Lovin your blog Brittany :D

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. :)

    As a pear with a small bust, I look towards big-busted girls with envy... and seeing how guys seem to care about breast size so much is kind of a shot through the heart for me. And then other women bashing my chest size as well is just.. bleh. We can't help it if our genes made us this way, nobody should be shot down for things they have no control over.

    1. Amen! I am the same. I am a 34A and I am very pear shaped. I feel major pressure to be super skinny so my breast size makes sense. It is nearly impossible and very hard to maintain my self esteem...

    2. I love your blog, and especially this post! I have very recently come to terms with my body shape, as I wear a size 2-4 jeans but I have a 34D chest. Some girls are envious, some girls have told me that my large breasts and small hips make me look like a "freak of nature." My own mother, who has struggled with weight and body image issues of her own, has suggested I get a breast reduction. I say no, as I search for better bras, flattering clothing, and friends who make me feel beautiful no matter what.

  3. Bravo for your post!!! As a 5'2" 102lb woman, I have been told by other women that: I am anorexic, I need to eat a burger, that I am not a real woman because I don't have curves, and my body looks like a 12 year boy's. I hate having to ask sales reps at a store if this bra or top comes in a smaller size and have to endure their comments about my "smallness". Women come in all shapes and sizes and its time that the fashion world and real world recognizes that.

  4. Thanks for this post :) As a small-chested woman I really appreciate that. And I fully agree with you - women should celebrate their bodies whatever size and body shape they are. Believe me, finding a well-constructed bra that perfectly fits small breasts is not as easy as it seems to be at first glance - we've got our own problems. The wires that are too narrow or too wide, the cups that are too "shallow" or too deep, the belief that small-busted women should wear only push-up bras with tonnes of gel inside... And the comments of shop assistants that look at as with a sort of contempt, or at least genuine surprise when we ask for a non-padded bra...

  5. I can relate to this. I have had jokes about my flat-chestedness while a teenager, and a young woman. I was very thin then, almost underweight. I used to wish my bust to grow but it refused. Instead I was (and still am) pear shaped. I did wear all kinds of padded and gelled bras.

    A decade on, I had gained weight and was still wearing the same sized bra, not realising that it was breast tissue and not body fat under my armpits and round my back. People now poke fun at my gaining weight. I stumbled across Venusian Glow, and discovered my size to be 32D. I had been wearing 34A for years!

    After a few months, I remeasured again and found myself to be a 32E. Ok, time for more bra shopping. Surprisingly not many people have really noticed my sudden bustiness, so my change in size has been more a private thing.

    So having been on both sides of the fence, I can say that it is true, we should love our bodies no matter what the shape. The sleek lines of our smaller chested sisters are just as beautiful as our bustier sisters. And I have developed thick skin towards people who try to tell me otherwise. They can always find a reason to poke fun at you, but you can always not allow what they say to define you.

    Thanks again for this post!

  6. I really appreciate that you made this post! Too often, I see women trying to build up their own body image at the expense of others', but IMO divisive tactics like that are never the solution. Accepting your own body *and* others' bodies is much more empowering.

  7. You rock.

    People don't realize that everyone has something beautiful about them, and decide that it's either one or the other.

  8. I totally agree with you. It makes me a little sad to see other women bashing each others body types. I'm a very similar body type and height to Christina Hendricks (though my waist seems smaller XD) and while I do feel that she is very beautiful I also find slimmer bodies to be equally as lovely. A thinner woman is not "boyish" just as a curvier woman isn't "fat" both are "real women" and both are attractive.

    Maybe I feel this way because i'm too nice but I think it's easier to love and celebrate each body type then to tear each other to pieces over it.

  9. I'd place myself down as a pear shape as I have some nice hips and yet only seem to fit size 1's or 2's still... then again, my ribcage size might be a 26 or smaller, but I'm considered smaller busted at a C or D cup if I turn out in those cups (still on the hunt!)

    People think when I complain about clothing companies not carrying my size, they think I'm complaining about my own body! My boyfriend says that clearly it's I don't like the clothing companies and not myself since I like myself naked and think I fit my own skin better than clothing. lol...

    I got the bashing in high school. My mom continually told me that "I didn't have anything there" and was given A32 bra... of course it didn't fit! Of course it didn't look right! Now that I'm 23 and discovering that I might be a 26 band or less, it's quite obvious to me. Everyone else doesn't understand as much as I would like them to and therefore I take a brunt of it.

    I love my bigger sisters and well as we should all understand the smaller ones as well. I have friends that are in the bigger range and I love them all the same because when I'm friends with others I go beyond what they look like in that fashion, because I understand when they have troubles shopping too. It's just sometimes until they really understand my situation, they then become to realize that I have it very difficult as well.

    There have been times where I thought myself as "boyish" as I did have hips... up top wasn't much and in North America it's all they seem to notice to me. We need support from everyone. We're all women and clothing manufacturers should get that into their brains instead of just seeing numbers and the bottom line!

  10. errh...

    big breast are popular since about the 90's (judging by mags, playboy issues, vintage porn, etc).. It will probably go away in maybe 10 years, its a fashion statement.

    you wrote (about small chest):
    " To not have to deal with unwanted, creepy male attention."

    ... wtf.

    I am small chested, with a pear shape (thick legs and hips). And boy, do I have some men looking at me almost all the time!! Even if they are walking with a fat-breast chick!

    So why you say that?? You really think only fat-breast get the attention?

    I feel so sorry reading your post and the answers following. Its just the time we live in: people associate huge, sloppy breast with arrousal and sexuality.

    Real large breast usually come with something really ugly also: huge nipples and gravity. A chance you have huge bras to hide (and hold) that.

    1. Sagging occurs in both small or large breasts same with nipple size. I'm a 32DDD and I don't have either quality. But people who do are beautiful too all breasts are beautiful in their own way

  11. We cannot really write what we think about that post because it has to be approved before.

    So, it is not neutral: we have to be on her isde, we cannot really have a different opinion.

    Big breast is a trend since the 90s.

    I have a small chest and Im beeing looked at by males a lot (im small chested, curvy with thick legs and hips).
    So you writing that it seems to be good to have small breast and not to be looked at is mean!!
    Im small and people look at me.

  12. Anonymous, I approve every comment that I receive that is not spam or hate language or something, although calling myself and my readers "fat breast" comes pretty close to that. Given the content of my site, it is only responsible to guard against spam and trolls.

    I'm sorry you are feeling so angry, but it seems that you did not really read this post and were only looking for something to be negative about. You certainly missed the point of this post and of that sentence, which was referring specifically to the type of unwanted attention us "fat breasts" get. This blog is mostly for busty women, and most of us are certainly aware of the type of attention I was referring to. I never said that men do not find smaller women attractive.

    Let me reiterate what this post was about: I think that all body types are beautiful in their own way.

    Please leave off the negativity and trolling. Thank you.

  13. Thank you for writing this post. As a flat-chested woman, I had my fair share of self-esteem issues. I used to HATE how my stomach and breastbone stuck out more than my boobs. Hated how shirts were loose at the chest area. I used to joke how some guys had bigger boobs than me, or how my front and back weren't that different. I even considered implants, but am glad I got a proper bra fitting. I was surprised to discover my size was a 28C!

    I do get bothered by comments implying that women w/o curves aren't "real women", or that they look like boys or even men. Or that men who like them are closet pedophiles or homosexuals. *rolls eyes* At the same time, I get bothered when small-breasted women make fun of larger-breasted women. Real women come in all shapes and sizes, and we all should celebrate that! And if we don't look good in something, the problem is mainly in our clothes, not our bodies. :)

    And besides, most women who go to get boob jobs are wearing the wrong size anyway. Eg, Heidi Montag used to wear 32As, and wore 32C's after her first implants. Heh. Those things were way to big to be 32Cs. And her ribcage looks to small to be a 32!

  14. thank you for this post. i'm a 32b. frequently called 'flat', 'manly' and told to get some boobs, im surprised how ignored the meanness against women with straight bodies is. its almost treated as justified. no one should tell us we aren't 'real women' based on how our bodies are. get real, there ARE women with all types of body shapes, and we're all 'real' women.

  15. I am so grateful and happy that I found this blog post. For one thing, you write excellently, but mainly it is the subject and intent behind this post that pleases me so.
    I have long desired to express these same sentiments and struggled with my reaction when I've been around curvy women having such strong reactions and making such negative statements. Sadly my best friend is one such girl, who has on more than one occasion stated that she thinks thin girls, or girls who aren't curvy are just not attractive. Women should have curves. Yet she has also long been one of the most insecure people in her own skin that I know.
    Trying to force your opinion in an opposite extreme to change your negative thinking isn't the solution. Like you said, beauty can come in any size or shape. I do think it's important to mention also women with hips and bums in the curvy category, not just boobs. Really it's both. Thank you again for posting!

  16. As a psychotherapist, I see the unfortunate results of a society that promotes specific images as ideal. I have found that the happiest and most fulfilled individuals are ones who make the most of what they have to offer and enjoy the fact that they are appreciated as they are.
    For every type of body, there are people who truly appreciate and are drawn to that type of body. Rather than attempting to mold yourselves into something that will never look natural or attractive, choose to keep yourself healthy and fit and be happy that both you and others will find value in your uniqueness.
    Throughout time, women with straight hair have wanted curly hair, while women with curly hair have wanted straight hair. We assume that being different will make our lives better. What makes our lives better is based on what we do, not what is handed to us. As an experiment, practice smiling at people, and see the results. The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is a smile. A negative attitude or mood or posture will only push people away.
    People often find it easier to focus on others rather than making the most of themselves. You may have overheard a group of women in a store commenting about a skinny girl (Oh, how unhealthy, how disgusting... She must be anorexic). They put down others, thinking it will make them feel better about themselves, especially if they get negative comments about being overweight. No matter how much they bash others, their self-esteem will never improve.
    I have seen many beautiful women of all shapes, yet they can quickly become ugly, when they open their mouths and out comes a negative attitude or garbage. When you start believing in yourself, the ugly duckling truly becomes a swan.

  17. People out there- please take time to read my message!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much for this article! People like you are truly inspirational :D

    So yes, us gals know how PATHETIC the media is- with all its beauty standards- how sad and insulting and unreal and objectifying and pressuring it is to us!
    I mean- even mostly in movies the main chick is a skinny ass one- and occasionally with real boobs. And fat chicks or just curvier ones always get bashed in movies. And theres always a 'need' to be losing weight and getting skinnier. Also the whole idea of curves there being so sexualized- pervy guys having a field day as you and your big curves walk past... Yuck.

    Its freakin unfair for curvier girls I definitely agree and I can say this as a ski nny chick with AA cups!

    I think its SO IMPORTANT to be able to understand and empathize with all women- against these unreal beauty ideals! To solve one problem- dont create another and make things worse! To help curvy girls feel better dont put down skinny girls and start equally unfair ideas of being unhealthy, not eating, being boyish etc.

    Its a vicious, stupid, ignorant, uncaring cycle. Curvier girls get insecure from the media and all and say all these put downs about skinny girls to feel better.
    Skinny girls then get insecure from these comments and support the insulting ideas about curvier chicks.
    The curvier chicks proceed to become more insecure and defensive and more self-praising and continue to put down skinny chicks...
    etc. etc. etc.

    We CANNOT live like this! Seriously. To gain self esteem and real confidence and pride with ourselves nad our beauty- we cannot use reliance on putting down others- on feeling superior- of needing to make things a competition.

    Take me and my good friend. She is a size 12 (NZ) with D cups. I am a size 6 and AA cups. We both can both each other beautiful and give compliemnts and support and sympathy as wel as knowing how we are beautiful ourselves.

    We need to be supporting our gender! Celebrating our feminine beauty in all forms :) Being able to be happy for ourselves as well as others!

    True confidence and beauty means you should be able to appreciate and see and praise the beauty of others as well as yourselves :)
    Insecurity drives people to put down others- and doing this to build self esteem is just a cause for disaster.

    It doesnt need to a b*tchy world guys. More appreciating and less hatin!


  18. From a skinny girl with 32A's, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this post!

    Since I reached the age where I "should" have had more body fat, I've been the recipient of nasty comments about my body type. One person even said my doctor was "stupid" for telling me my weight was fine--clearly implying that the only way I could maintain my shape was by disordered eating. I could eat McDonald's every day for months and my body would never change! My shape is my shape and there is nothing I can do to change that. The same is true for every woman. If your lifestyle is healthy, the body you have is the one you were meant to have!

    I truly believe that anyone who makes fun of another person's body, whether it be because they're "too skinny," "too fat," "too busty," or whatever else, is just unhappy with their own body and projecting that on other people. Whatever your body looks like, accept it and be proud of it.

  19. Look,I have been the skinny chick with A sized boobs.And I'm now the hourglass curvy chick with D size boobs (they are real,I was anorexic before and when I gained some weight my boobs grew.No,I'am not overweight now or obese either).

    Fact is,no matter what I have been,there has always been some bitch to tell me I'm not good enough.Yet,I have NEVER lacked in the men department.Be it flat and skinny,or curvy and busty,I've always had a guy interested.

    We women are the TRUE enemies to ourselves.
    We need to stop competing with each other and worrying so much about who will get the men.

    We will all get the men.Some prefer curvy,some prefer thin,some prefer overweight...There is a body shape for everyone.

  20. hello! I recently found your blog and I am loving it (as a large-busted hourglass shaped woman in the UK - I found you via your bravissimo review).

    I want to say I really love this article - it is so true, all body shapes are beautiful, and none of us should try to make ourselves feel better by putting down others - it's not right!

    I know I'm off topic here, but I also loved your review of BiuBiu - my god they look stunning. I must look into that (they seem to have an English website now).

  21. I just discovered your blog this afternoon, thanks to Wapsi Square linking to you. I am a big-busted (32G) 24year old, and my sister is a smaller busted (28B, as far as she knows) 17 year old. We spend so much time telling the other "I wish I had your boobs" or talking about how maybe I could donate her some of my boobs (we're joking about that part, but of us wouldn't seriously consider cosmetic surgery).

    I just bought new bras today, and two of them have the molded padding, and when I showed them to her, she told me how big my boobs were and insulted her smaller boobs. I then told her how much I like her smaller boobs.

    I would love for all kinds of healthy bodies to be recognized by everyone as beautiful. Every good straight guy (and probably our gay male friends, too) would be so grateful if all of this hyper body consciousness faded away. I know my long-time boyfriend would be.

    We're all beautiful in some way. Find it and flaunt it. I'm still working on it. Thanks again for this post.

  22. Fantastic blog and this article rocks. I was a thin, flat-chested teen who was so typically jealous of bigger chested friends and classmates in the 70's. Then, after nursing two children, I gained weight 'all over'. Having the sought-after fuller bust size seemed to make me happier, but I never liked the rest of my body. Just call me unhappy.

    Many years and pounds later, I had a stroke while also discovering I had developed diabetes. Talk about a life crisis! With suddenly beginning to eat healthier (no more fruit juices, diet pops or sugar), I lost 40 pounds over 7 months...and much of my breast volume. i went from a 42C down to my current 32B/C. And I finally began to feel like the size I was always meant to be. I still have a way to go to regain use of my one arm and walk a bit wobbly, but I feel so happy to be at peace with my shape...and that's a first in this lifetime. I wish that all readers find peace now and the simple joy in accepting who they are and what body they find themselves in. Loved reading every comment here. Thank you very much Brittany!

  23. I like this a lot and appreciate all body types. I just want to say that I wish having a small chest was not automatically associated with being skinny and thin or not curvy. I am a B cup with hips, big butt, thick thighs, very curvy at the bottom and in no way look skinny. I do have a small frame up top so I look curvy and slim at the same time. I just wanted to speak on the misconception of small breast= non curvy woman. Anyway, good article :)

  24. I used to be really skinny, UK size 4-6, and while remaining that dress size I moved from a 28AA all the way through to a 30FF. Even at a 28A, my classmates would sneer and say that there was no way that they were even that big. I was sad and wanted bigger boobs. I'm now a UK size 10, and a 30H (though actually probably bigger now on the cup - got to find a shop that sells sizes that stupid). I loathe my boobs. I get back pain, they make me sad. I'm still generally slender and curvy, and they don't stick out obviously, especially when I hide them in hoodies! They just make me look kind of chubby, even when I dress them well. I really really wish I didn't have to deal with them any more, and look at people like my mother and girls on my course with envy for not having huge things bouncing around getting in the way. I've pretty much given up on any hope of running or jumping for the rest of my life, because I can't get a decent sports bra that keeps them under control. I used to wish they were big like this, but no one should ever want this nightmare. Bra shopping regularly makes me cry. I can't play pool or snooker because they are in the way of where I want the pool cue to go. I can't sleep on my front. They hang down without a bra on and look hideous. They make me so miserable.

    I wish that a) I could accept them, and have a manageable way to deal with them and not get back pain (I'm going to have to have xrays because my back is so messed up, and am on prescription painkillers) and not have them sagging everywhere or wobbling around, or failing that b) I could have breast reduction and go down to a 30A.

    And the worst part? No one even believes me until I take my top off and thrust the bra size label into their face that I'm even anywhere near that size. I'm through with going red and mumbling when people express surprise. Now I just show them, and it shuts them up!

  25. My best friend has small boobs (and a very small ribcage) but I love how perky they are, and I kinda wish my medium size boobs were as perky as hers (she wears a 30B, while I now wear, thanks to this website, a 36DD). All body sizes are beautiful and I kinda hate my paternal aunt and grandmother for making me feel bad about being "medium" size (them boobs are way bigger, they think they're DD, but they must be like an H). It took me a few years to not feel bad about myself; after all, my mother has "medies" like me and I think she is gorgeous, and the friend I mentioned above is so darn cute.

    Your blog has been one of the best things I had read on the web and I'm very grateful to have find it, and recommend it to my daughters when they get older (I'm expecting a girl due in October 2012).

  26. Wow I read most of the comment and it's very interesting to see most of the replies. However, I saw very little about being utterly flatchested on a bigger frame. I can't even find bras that fit: for the proper cup size the band is way too short and for the proper length of band, well I have gaping breast-shaped cups hanging there. There's nothing there, nothing to lift. I'm really absolutely flat, a true 36A (or 36AA, or 36AAA? honestly, nothing fits). And I'm well into my 20s too, so it's not likely they will "grow". I'm not anorexic either, so it's not a "being underweight " thing.

    Anyway, rambling aside, thank you very much for writing this article. I really wish people were less inclined to judge people on how their genes played out :(

  27. Great post! Skinny bashing is a subject I will touch upon as well. There is a horrible trend of acceptance to say that slim women with flat chests and flat booties look like boys and that they need to eat a burger. It is ridiculous that it comes from the same women that criticise the lack of body acceptance. If you need to slate another body type in order to feel good about yourself then I think you need to really question your own confidence. You should also consider that you may be the pot calling the kettle black.

    1. i agree , its not true that slim women are all flat chested ,well some are, i am B cup and you can have nice perky medium butt or perky small butt if you are slim. its very ignorant for someone to say they are boyish. Real women has female reproductive system !

    2. I totally agree, being skinny most my life . . . People, mostly school mates would say I'm too skinny and realtives would say I need to eat and realtives still go on . . . they would say it in hurtful way like it is a disease to be skinny . . ,
      But I have a skinny hour glass shape (36-26-36) and im a 26gg but people still say im flatchested and im just too skinny. I think it doesn't matter what body shape you have or how big or small your butt or breast are as long as your skinny thats all people see or thats been my experience. It doesnt bother me much now that I'm out of that awkward teenage phase, so I just tell people who make sharp criticism what ever will appease them and don't hold it against them.

  28. I'm not flatchested but unfortunately have a rectangular/inverted triangle body shape, and I often hear about how unfortunate it is for a woman to have no waist definition or wide shoulders as much as I hear people claiming that flatchested women are less of women so I thank you for this post.

    I befriended lots of pear-shaped women, some of them who have narrow shoulders but big breasts actually consider themselves to be the definition of what a woman should be, the other have very low self-esteem due to their "lack of boobs", and I can somehow relate to them with my "lack of butt" (and hips).

    I really think we should stop making other women feel bad because we have insecurities about our body types.

  29. I am a guy, and like any guy, I love thin and curvy women, they are so beautiful. But you know what? Ever girl I have every liked, tried to date and get into a relationship with, were never curvy. You heard it, though I admit thin and curvy women are extremely attractive, every girl I liked didn't fit that description at all.

    So ladies, feel great about your bodies! A girl I totally wanted to date kept telling me she wanted to get fake boobs so she'd get more attention from guys, I thought it was totally ridiculous!

    No real guy out there will demand that a girl have big boobs, or needs to get them. If he is, trust, he is not worth your time!!! Guys care about just that you like them back, and that they do matter and count in your life, just like vice-versa!

  30. I recently heard about your website through a forum for women getting
    Breast implants. I was over the moon excited when I started to read your
    Blog. That quickly faded and turned to anger once I read part of this
    entry. You preach how every shape of a woman is beautiful and
    equality for all except those with implants. You have educated me now
    It's your turn to be educated. You would be very surprised to find out
    that many celebrities have implants but you can't tell, even in your daily
    life there are many women with implants that you don't even notice.
    You honestly think you can tell boobs with implants from real breasts
    Sometimes you can but not always. Your being a complete hypocrite in
    this entry about how women with curves need to stop telling thin women
    that men won't want them because men prefer curves and vice versa but
    your saying how it's okay to say men don't want women with implants atleast
    The ones you want to date. Which is very ignorant and cruel to say. Breasts
    With implants feel just like yours, giggle just like yours and men do like them
    even the ones you want to date!!! Choosing the route of surgery is not at all
    crazy but it is one you need to seriously think about. There is risks but there is
    always risks with getting in your car that happen more often than not. I choose
    To go under the knife because I have wanted bigger breasts for a long time and
    To give me back my the youthfulness that was stolen. My breasts were not as
    Perky as they should have been for a young woman because of huge weight loss
    And than weight gain etc. I am not crazy nor are the thousands of women who choose to do this. I really can't believe that a woman who has lived in this modern age and who preaches acceptance for every body type who is ignorant enough to believe very
    Untrue facts about women with implants and gives them no equal acceptance and equality. This is truly sad. Maybe one day women with implants will get acceptance like thin, curvey and any size in between women.

    Ps, If I can get a personal email address I can prove to that women with implants can look natural when they go for a natural look.

    1. Anonymous, I wrote this well over a year ago, and since then, I have changed my views on implants. I agree that I was misinformed on how they look. I do still wish that smaller busted women didn't feel so much pressure to undergo surgery. I do feel that surgery is inherently risky, and I wish that smaller women could be able to see how beautiful they are, without needing any surgery! Sometimes I still feel that if I could wave a magic wand and change my body, I would go for a much smaller bra size. However, I respect your right to make your own choices about your body. I certainly had no intentions of being "cruel" or anything like that. I will edit this post to reflect my current views- I had forgotten I even wrote that part.

    2. Please let me know if it's better now. And if you want to reach me privately for any reason, you can email me at brittany {at} I would also suggest the blog By Baby's Rules for more information about bra fitting with implants, since I don't have any personal experience with them. ;-)

  31. Wow I'm amazed, I feel so happy to know there are so many women out there who found this as optimistic as I did. It's great to know there are so many women out there who realise there are so many different types of beautiful.


    Thanks for posting this!x
    PS. I smiled when I read about the woman expecting in October 2012 - just a few weeks away now!

  32. thank you so much for writing this...
    I've never had many curves and it is really hurtful to hear people tell me that I am not a real woman because of my body. It's equally great to have these words come from a woman who does have some curves. It makes me feel really hopeful that one day all our body types might be appreciated. I will keep trying to empower women to love their curves or their lack of curves. thanks for giving me the boost I needed

  33. What a great article. I've been ridiculed my entire life for being an A cup rectangle body type but I never envied women with big breasts maybe because I was into fitness and dance and being small makes those activities so much easier. I have always wanted a more curvy figure and a bigger booty and when I was young often felt insecure and I did at times resort to building myself up by putting down other body types but since I started accepting my body and focusing on making the most of what I was born with I now see that all women are beautiful no matter what shape they are. All body types can look sexy and beautiful. It start with your own attitude about your own body I think : )

  34. Wish I could be as positive as most of you seem on here. I am 44 with 32a (as far as I know) boobs. I'm constantly told I'm sexy and pretty attractive and oh why are you single? Then they see my breasts and off they go never to be heard of again. Pretty sure I will always be alone due to this. Men like boobs, they are the most sexual part of a women and if you aint got them they don't see you as a possible partner....why would they? Who wants a non woman??? I wont get implants though...I value my health even though I am immensely unhappy with my body.

    1. Hey Anonymous, I'm sorry to hear you've had such frustrating experiences when it comes to your breasts and how others perceive them. However, I'm of the belief that boobs alone do not make a woman "womanly" enough to be a partner. There are plenty of small-chested women in the world who have found romantic partners who do not mind, or actually really like, those small chests. Also, I'd like to note that getting implants doesn't necessarily constitute a risk to your health. Many women have had implants put in and have suffered no health consequences!

  35. I appreciate you empowering women but I had to say, NO small chested women can't just wear whatever shirts we want or go without a bra. I'm a 32aa and it's the most difficult thing to find a shirt that doesn't make me look like I have no breasts. And it's nearly impossible to find a bra my size. Thank goodness I have a "donka donk" lol


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