Monday, May 16, 2011

A few interesting links...

The Sartorialist calls someone "Curvy" and sparks outrage?

From the Lingerie Addict: Can we Please Stop Making Women Scared of Their Lingerie? I agree that that statistic seems like nonsense to me (I've been planning a post on this as well) and so often companies use it as a sales statement. Better fitting bras *would* help many women enjoy lingerie more, but scare tactics are not going to help that happen.

Already Pretty: You deserve good things. This goes for clothes that fit you perfectly, too!

A great list of reviews of various D+ strapless bras For anybody needing a strapless bra for summer, this is a great resource!

For LOLs: I know the feeling all too well...

Campaign for HAH beauty  -Busts for Justice attempts to create a more positive and accurate term than "real women."

From one of the girls that made the top 10 in Star in a Bra this year: Too skinny to be curvy, too busty to be skinny.

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