Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Resources for small busts

I get asked all the time for advice for smaller breasts. I know that it can be just as hard to find a size like 28B or 30A, as it is to find my size! If you aren't sure of your size, click here for how to measure- it applies to smaller chests as well as larger ones! :-)

(Oh, and a random observation: a C cup in a smaller band size is one of the very hardest to find sizes! "small bust" companies usually go up to a B cup, but "big bust" companies start at a D! How frustrating!)

Here are some suggestions:
Photo via Ewa Michalak. Click to view product.

32aabra (Blog)

The Little Bra Company (Very pretty underwired bras in A-C cups, starting at a 28 band. Some people say their bands run a little small.)

Ewa Michalak (Yes, they do smaller bras, as well, and if you need a smaller size they will custom make it for you! This is really nice because you could need, say, a 26DD and it would still be a fairly small breast size. Read my review of the custom process here. They also have several models of very different sizes so you can see how the bra looks on various chest sizes! (See image at right)

Between the Sheets lingerie  (Heavenly soft organic cotton and eco friendly lingerie, bras are wireless)

Lula Lu Petite lingerie (AAA, AA, and A cup bras!)

Itty Bitty Bra (AA, A, and B cup bras)
Etsy sellers! There are a ton of lovely Etsy sellers who make lovely bras and lingerie for petite/smaller chested women. It makes me so jealous, I tell you! ;-)

I hope this helps some of you! If anyone has any more resources to share, please let me know in the comments and I will gladly add them!


  1. This is a fairly normal bra site, but I've always been jealous of the smaller bras they have because they look so pretty. They don't have my size..

  2. I always recommend Boux Avenue for smaller bust too :)
    The bands are really tight, (check in my blog or bratabase for data) and I can choose 32bands although I need 28 bands with other brands.
    And especially the balconette styles look wonderful on smaller busted women :)


  3. Could you do an article about good brands to look for on ebay?

  4. Thank you for this post :D I am somewhere between a 28C or D, and I happen to be exactly the size where 28Cs from companies aimed at smaller-busted women are too small, while 28Ds from "big-bust" companies are too big. -____- I've been trying for a while to find the time to figure out how Ewa Michalak's 30 band fits me so I can custom order a correct fit.

    I have a lot of cheap bras that I got from mainstream lingerie stores (sometimes I see something cute for a low enough price that I don't really care if it doesn't fit that well >__>), and I ended up altering them slightly. If the cups fit, you can do a simple running stitch along the bottom elastic to prevent the band from stretching too much too quickly, or even cut the hooks off and reattach them (I use this tutorial: http://sewglamorous.blogspot.com/2009/05/bra-band-alteration-tutorial.html).

    Of course, all of that is time-consuming and labor-intensive and it doesn't excuse lingerie companies from not realizing there are sizes beyond 32 or 38!

  5. In Poland is a new brand 'OnlyHer', which produces sizes: 28B-28FF, 30A-30F, 32A-32E, 34A-34DD. Constructions are very good. Available on www.onlyher.eu and www.onlyher.pl
    Firm workes on introduction of bigger sizes.

  6. Iheartnorwegianwood, from Etsy (here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/iheartnorwegianwood) also makes truly lovely bras and lingerie for smaller busts, the kind that makes me long for a smaller chest so that I could wear those beauties :P

    But then again we have Ewa Michalak with the loveliest bras too, so everyone's happy :)

  7. We at Made by Noemi make bras for just these kind of sizes mainly. Have a look!


  8. Okay, I really love your site. I know you're not in high school or anything anymore, but I was wondering if you have any clue where to get prom dresses if you have a large bust size. I am 30F and nothing ever fits me. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Sofia, I do wear a 30F bust and recommend you check out Max Azaria for dresses. The dresses are usually cut for narrow ribcages and ample bust, some of them I could even wear braless, but that is only true for Size 2, which may not work with the rest of your body. The dresses are very pricy, but I got mine at sales/outlets and there is quite a bit of a selection on ebay. Otherwise get a cheaper dress and spend the money on tailoring to fit (pick a simpler cut to make it easier to alter the bodice/draping). Good luck! --Mona

  9. Hi its Cassie again I made a account so ..
    You know what I always thought was interesting is that when you have a smaller band size your bust is alot smaller thus people think your smaller then you are. I'm a 26 band size. But a F cup. And although people tell me my chest looks big..whatever that means. I don't think so. It just looks normal to me..not flat,not small,not big. Just normal. And I have even had people who are used to bigger band sizes like 32,34,36,38 think I am smaller then I am,way smaller. Most people think I am a D-DD. But I have had some people guess I am a large B cup,C cup,Small D cup. Very interesting I thought. So I wondered is this due to my narrower ribcage thus narrower boobs or peoples severe lack of knowledge on breast and bra sizes? I know wider boobs do draw the eye more I mean.( )( ) vs ( )( )
    Which do you think is ganna seem bigger from a front view or draw the eye more?
    I don't talk about my size to people(Although when I am hiding behind a computer screen I do) because its not there buisness and because of the weird and often scary reactions I get. Which involve someone saying no your not that size you can't possibly be that size. Or F thats huge? Or no your not 26 band size. Among other things. For girls its disbelief or hostility. For guys its disbelieving,or fetish,or them always talking about my boobs from then on.(Although when I am hiding behind a computer screen I do).
    And I have a question. Why is it so hard to find bras my size that are lined so I have my nipple not showing,and without so much detail? I want a smooth look when I wear my shirts :)

  10. This is such a great resource! It is so hard to find bras for smaller chests. Thanks for posting this!

  11. You should add http://philippematignon.us to the list. The bras are cut by European standards. Sizes XS, S, M fit 32A, 32B, 32C, 34A, 34B and the like. The designs are cute too

  12. My wife Stephanie and I have founded Bella Petite Lingerie and we believe that it is the first line specifically geared for petite busted women who have traditionally been left out of the lingerie market. There have been great advancements in the bra categories but no headway into lingerie.

    Stephanie suffered years of frustration in trying to find lingerie for herself. The few pieces she could find to fit her (32A) where either heavily padded, or hung off of her while revealing none of her natural shape. The pieces she would find just made her feel worse, not sexy or attractive. While explaining her frustrations about it one day she half heartedly joked that she should just make her own line. I told her, “Then do it then”. Now a few years later we have our first two items in hand and for sale.

    Our line is designed to compliment a petite busted woman with plunging neck lines and V shaped necklines to draw the attention in to the center of the chest. The bust line is elasticized to gather and create a cup which will enhance the woman’s natural shape.

    We are a Veteran owned business and our Bella Petite line is proudly made in the USA.

    Stephanie has been featured on Amanda’s 32AABra blog.

    Thank you!



  13. As much as I can appreciate that many people have problems finding bras I always thought it was more of a problem for larger busts because we don't get the option about going bra-less. I'm not even talking about needing 'support' as I'm perfectly comfortable with no bra and I'm a 34J. Luckily being young means they are still where they ought to be but it is obvious that I have no bra on by the extra movement. If someone with smaller boobs chooses to go bra-less for comfort, because the top they want to wear would show their bra or whatever their reason then I doubt that anyone would really notice much less comment or make derogatory remarks. I have a couple of halterneck dresses that I can't wear a bra with because quite frankly I've never found a bra that you wouldn't see that fits and I can afford. Anytime I wear that dress I will be called all manor of things including slut and whore because I have no bra on and I have big boobs. It's ridiculous.

    1. The assumption that no one notices" when small busted go braless couldnt be further from the truth. we live in a society that has nipple phobia lol. so unless you live in very warm weather and don't encounter air conditioning, then women of all bust sizes experience unwanted comments and stares . but I agree that larger busts have an additional challenge in that arena.

  14. These websites are so helpful! I find that bras never quite fit me right because of my petite figure. I can't go out without a bra on, or I get weird looks of men (and women- mostly women actually) about the fact that my breasts appear to be non existent! I get called 'flatty' and 'mosquito bites' every day of my life, even by my friends. It's so horrible to feel so unfeminine, and now I can feel comfortable with my body.


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