Saturday, October 6, 2012

Review: The Big Bra Bar Black Shirt

Nikki at The Big Bra Bar was kind enough to send me this shirt for review. I decided to try to do a sort of vintage-inspired, creative work look with it.
The top is quite long, and it could either be worn as a tunic, or tucked in as I’ve shown here.

I love that it’s not quite the traditional button-up shirt. This shirt is a really fun style, with dramatic puffed sleeves. I think that they in addition to being a great detail, the sleeves also help minimize a larger bust, because they add contrasting volume. However, if you have a highly conservative work environment, you might prefer a more traditional style.

Ideally, I would have it fit a little smaller at the waist (isn’t that the story of my life, though? ;-) but since I’m somewhat outside the recommended size range, I can’t fault the shirt at all! It fit impressively well in spite of that fact. The buttons are sturdy and there was absolutely no gaping.

All in all I think this is a nice quality shirt style for busty ladies with a fun design. If you like it, or want to check out what else The Big Bra Bar has to offer, go check them out!

Shirt: The Big Bra Bar
Skirt: older style from Trashy Diva


  1. This shirt is super comfy `n' stretchy and snug `n' sexy; not tight or binding or heavy in any way. Nice length in both the torso and sleeves. If they came in more colors I'd buy them all. They're perfect for layering and one of my new faves, I love, love, love this shirt! XD

  2. I really like this style. What size did You choose?

  3. I really like this style. What size did You choose?

  4. Oh my gosh, that shirt is perfect for your tiny waist! I have a straight-torsoed big busted shape so I think I'd skip the puffed sleeves so as not to overwhelm my shape - although I wouldn't pass up an opportunity to try it on, b/c you never know how something will look.

  5. I could love her in that floral skirt and black blouse and high heels, it's just too bad that more women don't dress that way instead of overwearing pants and sometimes shorts. She looks lovely dressed that way, looks more feminine then wearing pants.

  6. I want this shirt! No gaping, I can"t believe it. It looks really nice on you. Like a custom fitted shirt. I checked the website and the black blouse is out of stock but the white one is available. They are on sale for 10.00 and shipping to the USA is only 5.00 so total is 15.00. Let's see what this looks like in white once I get it.
    Thank you for the post and turning us on to this great item!


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