Saturday, May 4, 2013

DD Atelier- A Review

I am really in love with DD Atelier. It fills some huge holes that were previously in the big bust clothing market, sweeping onto the scene with clothes that are simply wonderful- gorgeous, well made, and stylish.

DD Atelier is a company that recognizes that busty women have different needs, different lifestyles, different personal styles. They make clothes for work and for play, for date night, for hot summer days and cold winter evenings. Every time I browse their site, I think, “Oh, I’ve always wanted that!” They make coats. Coats, you guys! It has been bothering me to no end for *years* that busty clothing companies tend to ignore coats. (Dear clothing companies, while our boobs might seem like they add a sufficient amount of winter insulation all on their own, we in fact still need warm clothes, just like everyone else. Love, me.)

They’re not afraid to break the rules a little- some items have featured things like chest pockets and a variety of necklines, including cozy turtlenecks for winter. But if that’s not your thing, they also have lots of more traditionally flattering items. Their styles run the gamut from classic, investment pieces that are perfect for work, to trendy styles that won’t make you feel like you have to be matronly just because of your bust, to feminine, romantic pieces (my favorite!), to a few boho pieces as well- a style that’s usually very unfriendly to curves!

DD Atelier’s clothes are really nice quality. They use lots of breathable, natural fibers- cotton, viscose, and wool, even silk. This comes as an especially refreshing change from the trend of so many companies using cheap polyester. When you buy a piece from DD Atelier, you can trust that it’s going to be an investment that will last you for a while. I also loved how well-tailored the pieces were- I often have trouble with clothing from other “busty” companies being too snug/straight at the hips, but not so with DD Atelier. The clothes, for the most part, fit like they were made for me, and I feel like DD Atelier really understands the hourglass figure. My only complaint was that a few things were a hair shorter on me that I’d like- but since I’m pretty tall, I definitely can’t fault them for that.

 The Rosie dress- This might have been my favorite. It's just such a sweet, pretty, simple summer dress!

 Denim Jacket- It fits me perfectly!

I love how you can layer over this dress for Spring or Fall, or wear it on its own for summer- and it looks great with the denim jacket layered on top!

 All of DD Atelier's clothes have lovely details, like this twisted waistband on the Rosie Dress.

The Diva Dress really classy. As other reviewers mentioned, it does wrinkle a bit easily, however it makes up for that inconvenience by being a versatile and elegant dress.

 Gorgeous buttons!
 Because I'm tall, this Pink Striped Blouse is a better length for skirts than jeans on me- but I still don't have all of my clothes with me in California (sigh) and so I didn't have a good skirt to photograph it with. This blouse impressed me with the tailoring at my waist and hips, especially.

 They tell me this wrap dress is one of their most popular styles- I can see why! They also sell a wrap blouse version. The fabric is thick, stretchy viscose.

DD Atelier is offering a discount to readers of Thin and Curvy! Just enter the code thinandcurvy at checkout for 10% off. The coupon is good until June 30th, so go check them out soon! :-)


  1. These all look stunning on you! I really want to order something from them now. I especially like the button down shirt and denim jacket. That's exactly the type of shirt I've always wished I could fit into!

  2. Great post and you look great. Always love getting your posts in my inbox. I'd never really looked into DD-Atelier before. How does the sizing compare to, say, Biubiu or Pepperberry? If I'm a PB 8, BB 36 what's the equivalent?

  3. So glad to see you posting again. Yours was the first busty blog I discovered. You look beautiful in all pics. I've been curious about DD atelier for a while and I'm obsessed with that Diva dress. Strangely, my experience with busty clothing companies has been the opposite as yours. Very often, I find that the clothes are designed with an hourglass figure in mind, which means I tend to gravitate towards stretchy items as they are more forgiving than tailored ones towards my top-heavy figure.

  4. lovely, I love the Diva dress so much, just wondering what size you wear?

  5. Hey,
    great outfit. I love the denim jacket.

  6. They look great on you! What size did you go for? I'd like to order a dress from them but I think I really need one of their H dresses and it seems most of the styles I love don't come in H.

  7. The denim jacket looks so good! I was looking for one for cooler spring/summer days to go with brightly colored shorts, but the classic ones (at Gap and such) were way too boxy. I never understood why they couldn't make a few styles that nipped in at the waist a bit more- they seem to have accomplished it here!

  8. I went to the site, but all of these seem to be sold out. When did you buy them?

  9. Just stumbled upon your site. Amazing! Im a 34d, 5"2, 27 waistine. Being thin and curvy is somewhat uncommon. It can be problematic nonetheess. Keep on writing. Your blog is very helpful.

    1. Just curious, but with a 27inch waist, have you measured your band as 34inches? I'm wondering if you are in the wrong bra size. Sorry to bother you (:

  10. Phenomenal selections - I'm off to buy the cream dress immediately!!! xx

  11. The last cream dress,I can't find it,are they all sold out?
    I did find two other dresses on there I liked though. :)
    They all look great,thanks for the review!

  12. The flower-print dress is particularly lovely. And thanks for sharing a discount code with your photos!

  13. I really love the Diva dress on you and would love to try it on as most dresses I try don't look as I would like. Like all women, finding clothes that fit well is a bit of a problem. I love the simple styling but those buttons really sells it for me.
    Sometimes it is those small touches that really make the dress-skirt. It seems that the DD Atelier line is well made and wonder if either the Diva dress or pink striped top or wrap dress would look as good on me as it does on you. They both are very flattering to your figure. Pardon me for saying but the striped top looks good on you from behind, love the way it is cut. Thanks for the review, good variety of clothes I would love to own.

  14. Lovely styles, but as most companies, they are catering to the hourglass with the wide hips and flat tummy.
    Just like Pepperberry and Biubiu also seem to be doing.

    The white dress you are showing, is a nono unless your tummy is flat, if it is not, you look pregnant :(
    My fav on you was the pink shirt, just stunning!

  15. Loving the outfits! Thank you for posting! I love flower printed dresses with denim jackets!

  16. WOW! I LOVE that floral dress, you look so beautiful! And that fit of the denim jacket is amazing x

  17. Is the fact that they're all European prices not an issue when purchasing? I've never purchased in euros...

  18. Winter white is usually a hard sell but that wrap dress looks really good.

  19. this is awesome collection i love white formal skirt


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