Sunday, August 4, 2013

Outlet Mall Lovin'

Hey everyone! I'm still alive after having taken the bar exam, so that's saying something, right? To celebrate, I decided to go shopping for tax-free weekend. Here in the U.S., several (if not all or most?) states have tax-free weekend once a year, in the summer, to encourage people to go shopping. As if I needed an excuse, right?

I drove up to the nearest outlet mall, because I really do love going into a shop that has discounts on literally everything, all the time. I found a few excellent bargains today, but am highlighting the one that would transition best (in my humble opinion) into the workplace.

Ann Taylor LOFT Outlet | $29.77 | 100% Polyester, with Polyester Lining
I found this beautiful dress on the clearance rack and absolutely had to try it on. I love the print, and I was positive that there was enough bust room just by looking at it. Sure enough, my ladies fit well in the dress, and the waistline fell at just the right place. I love how the neckline isn't too high or too low. Goldilocks would love this neckline.

Washing Instructions: Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low.
My heart is always happier when those are the washing instructions.
I will say this dress is most flattering from the front. You can see in the side view that there's a weird little pouf of fabric that they added in as a completely unnecessary neckline detail. When I fuss with it, though, it lays flatter. I may just add a stitch with white fabric to keep it in place. And by "I", I mean my roommate that actually knows how to sew.

Yeah, it's wrinkly at the back, but that happens to me in a whole lot of outfits. 
The back is a bit snug, yet wrinkly at the same time. Why doesn't this bother me, you may ask? Well, if this is going to be a work dress, I'm going to have to wear a cardigan or a suit jacket anyway to cover my shoulder tattoo. At the price, I just couldn't say no.

I wanted to show what this dress looks like unadorned, first, to show that it's pretty good in the waist as-is. However, one thing I've learned from reading many a busty-fashion blog is that waist belts are almost always an awesome addition to an outfit. So I jazzed it up with a belt, and also demonstrate my favorite part of this dress:

POCKETS!!!!!!! Squee!!!!!
I am such a sucker for dresses with pockets. I'm also a sucker for my lime green-accented toolkit that I inherited from my mother. For some reason, I just couldn't say no to letting it be part of the shot.

I'm 5'3", and this size 12 dress hits about two inches above the knee. Taller ladies may find it to be a smidgen too short, but my fellow short ladies can rejoice in this dress. It's very lightweight, despite being lined, and really is perfect for summer/living in warm weather year-round.

If you live near an outlet mall, or even a regular mall, I highly recommend checking out Ann Taylor or Ann Taylor LOFT. While not all of their clothes are bust-friendly, I've been able to find several pieces at each that work really well with my bust.


  1. What causes the wrinkling at the back? Is that to do with being busty? I find it happens to me a lot, even when the item fits well everywhere else. :(

    1. I think it's just a matter of the design of the garment, rather than having a busty figure. I've also tried a lot of dresses be too tight in the front and way too loose in the back! This is a bit snug, and I may not have pulled the lining fully taut. This dress also has a back zipper, and I've generally found that back zippers can be tricky. The best zippers for me, in my experience, are side zips. They almost never get bunched up and they're much easier to hide!

  2. This looks so cute on you! I love adding the belt, and I think a cardi/jacket will be a nice touch too. I almost never get a smooth back from dresses, so I don't even worry about it anymore. I do like to layer though. Speaking of layering, is there enough space so you could layer a button-front underneath? That would be yet another option for you.

    1. It'd have to be a veeeeery thin button front, but I could maybe pull it off! That's an interesting thought, for sure, and would make for a really cute look with the right top. I'll have to give it a try, and I'll report back!

  3. That dress is really flattering on you, and I love the belt! Great find :D

    1. Thanks! It's always worth it to check out the outlets, in my humble opinion. They often carry sizes and styles that work better for me than their regularly priced shops, and this is a great example.


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