Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fit is the most important aspect of your clothing.

Have you ever watched a live action movie adaptation of Cinderella? Or any other oppressed princess? Have you noticed that, even dressed in filthy rags, Cinderella always looked gorgeous? It's part of the story, after all- her stepsisters dress her in rags but she still looks more beautiful than them. Now, I don't know about you, but I don't look nearly so gorgeous when I'm in my housecleaning clothes.

So how does Cinderella manage to look beautiful, even in dirty, torn, stained rags? Or rather, how do costumers manage to portray her as beautiful but still dressed in rags? And where am I going with this?

It all comes down to fit.

Way, way too much of the focus of fashion magazines, blogs, websites, etc; is on styles and patterns and colors. I'm not saying those don't matter; quite the contrary. But before you can worry about any of these things, you should be prioritizing fit.

All clothing, apart from a few specialized companies, is designed to fit one specific body shape.

But women come in so many varied shapes and sizes. How on earth did it come to this? Even in America, where we are really bad about bra fitting and having a wide enough range of sizes, we still don't think bras are "one size fits all." So why design everything for a B cup? Why can't women's clothes be sized by bust and waist separately- like men's pants? Oh, I know, it's cheaper this way. But it would make so much more sense the other way. When all patterns are designed for a B, that leaves out all of the A,C,D,DD,E,F,FF,G,GG,etc.... cups!

Why is it that B-cup women look thinner? Because off-the-rack clothes are designed to fit them well. If you are a large chested woman, and your shirt or dress does not fit at the waist, you are making yourself look fatter. Period.

So please, stop ignoring fit and focusing only on styles and patterns and colors. If your clothes fit, you will look fabulous. If they don't, the nicest clothes in the world will be dumpy and make you look fat. A lot of clothing advice for large busted women focuses on styles and colors we can wear. But when we go put those things on and they still look bad, it's confusing. Some advice, alternately, will tell you you can only wear stretchy fabrics, confusing what you can fit into with what might actually look good on you, if it fit.

You can wear just about anything you want, as long as it fits you perfectly, and still look great.


  1. Sing it sister! Fit is soooo important, and women's clothing sizing is a total mess. With so many shapes and sizes of women, no wonder none of us can ever find anything that fits right. =P

  2. I totally agree! I think "ready-to-wear" was probably a bad idea. I wish we could all go back to having personal seamstresses! :-)

  3. www.fashion-incubator.com/archive I thought this sitte might be of help. Shiney


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