Monday, November 1, 2010

Horizontal Stripes

A recent article dispels the myth that horizontal stripes are unflattering. In fact, horizontal stripes are slimming- and vertical stripes are the ones that make you look wider. I have always kind of suspected that this was a myth.

This is cool because you can wear horizontal stripes and those who don't know your secret are thinking “Wow, she must be really thin- I could never wear horizontal stripes, I would look so boxy, but she looks great!” ;-)

I also think that horizontal stripes can be a great pattern for a curvy girl to rock- with the contrast between our natural curves and the straight lines, it would be impossible for us to look boxy even if it were true that horizontal stripes caused that effect. Stripes are also cool if you want to experiment with mixing patterns- since they are a fairly simple pattern they can go well with floral prints, polka dots, or animal print.

What do you think? Could this be a good look for us curvy girls?


  1. I think stripes are awesome.

    They work on most body types, in my opinion. They can create curves if you don't have many, and they just look good if you do.

  2. I think this may be true--in fact, my mom has these vertical-striped pants that actually make her look bigger. Her plain pants, in the same style, on the other hand, don't make her look as big.


  3. I am a huge fan of horizontal stripes and I think they really flatter curvier figures. I find wearing tops with an area of wider stripes over the bust compared to the rest of the garment gives a maximizing effect.

  4. I think they flatter us curvy girls to. Or anyone. Although I don't like polos on women,especially busty ones for some reason so that would include striped ones.

  5. I never put much stock in that thinking. If anything, horizontal strips would accentuate a curvy figure, assuming a proper fit; the visual endings of the strips give clear demarcation. I would think that vertical stripes would have the same effect in reverse, blurring the shapes into columns. Which I suppose is fine if you're going for the heroin chic look.

  6. I find that horizontal stripes flatter the uncurvy, too! (Me.) Stripes are wonderful because they find the curves you didn't think you had...


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