Friday, July 1, 2011

Outfit: Lucky finds

 Sometimes, if you keep an open mind, you can find lucky, curve-friendly finds at regular stores. Of course, we're all familiar with the stretchy t-shirts thing, but it's nice to find something else.

This shirt had a super stretchy waist part and an hourglassy shape, so I was able to fit my boobs pretty comfortably in a large. Sure, I could have fit the rest of me easily in a small, and sure, it poofs out a bit more than I'd like from the side- but it's a really nice cool cotton summer shirt and it's really quite a good fit, considering.
The shorts were on sale from GAP- high waisted and stretchy, so they don't gap too much in the back, and the only shorts I've found that didn't cut in right at the middle of the widest part of my thigh. Shudder.

Shirt: Belk's
Shorts: Gap
Shoes: Merrell 


  1. You. Look. AMAZING!
    How can anyone say you are too slim?! Look at your CURVES!x

  2. It's such a cute summer outfit :). The shirt was such a lucky find.

  3. I think that you have a really great shape. But that top isn't really loving your shape. The front view looks the best. But the side view kind make you look a bit preggo. Your body shape is just too prefect to abuse this way.

    I kinda wish there where tank tops that were large a the bust and much smaller at the waist.

    Over all I think the outfit is nice, and your really just trying to to best you can to fit your shape.

    I just want to be clear that I'm not hating on your or your personal style. But i am hating on the manufacturer.

  4. The clothes really complement your figure, and aside from that I can't help but think how great those photos are! They have such a summery feel, and you pose really well.


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