Monday, July 11, 2011

Outfit Post: Wrap dress

Wrap dresses are often advised for busty women. The fashion advice-ey places say they are "universally flattering." Eh, they sometimes fit, but I wouldn't go so far as to call them universally flattering nor universally fitting.
I like this dress, but I definitely wouldn't call it perfect. Especially with the amount of cleavage it shows. Cleavage- the all-familiar issue. You can wear a cami, but that's hot and icky in the summer. And they tend to roll up from my hips. 
Look Ma, no cleavage! 
My solution? A lace bandeau bra. Over my regular bra, obviously. And I usually have to buy a large or XL to fit my bust in. But they are absolutely perfect for layering without bulk or discomfort. 

Dress: Locally made from organic cotton :-D
Lace bandeau bra: Free People
Socks: Target
Shoes: thrifted


  1. Oh my gosh DUH! I can't believe I never thought of that before. I get the roll-up effect with camisoles too.

  2. I've never had any luck with wrap dresses. They make me look like all boob, plus the way the fabric line goes down makes my chest look saggier than it really is.

  3. Love the dress! Was it from a pattern or "free-hand"? I also have trouble with wrap tops and I'm a few cup sizes smaller than you (I think). The area where the fabrics cross over tend to drop below the bust line, so I usually just safety pin them to each other on the inside. Or if it's a faux wrap top I'll hand stitch the two pieces together. If you sew, or have someone who does it for you, I highly recommend this pattern. (Dress E - I made a size 8 for myself, but then took in the sides so it was more like a 4 after, except for the bust. Used a 4-way stretch fabric)

  4. That looks lovely on you! What a great idea about the bandeau bra - that's a great summer solution for all those too gappy dresses. I never really understood why wrap around dresses were recommended for bigger busts because they always showed too much cleavage, or more often the case, showing off my bra. ... Werona.

  5. Great idea with the bandeau bra!!!

    I have not tried on a wrap dress after loosing weight, but when I was a (UK) size 16 it really just looked horrible and I can't imagine a wrap dress ever looking good on my apple shape because it does not pull me in where I need it.

  6. I just found this blog and will be following. I just ordered my first bra with this new sizing... 30FF. I'm nervous. It does make a lot more sense though. I am really curious to see how it's going to fit. The closest thing I can get to a "fit" in a regular store without special ordering is a 36DD... which is "ok" I guess... but it never does really seem to fit quite right. I feel like my blessedly large boobs are not getting the treatment they deserve. I'm sure this sounds petty but I find it annoying that manufacturers make bras that cause women with small boobs to look like they have something... and they make bras that basically flatten out those of us with the natural gift. =P Lol...

  7. P.S. Could you give any advice about where to find bras with this type of sizing (for larger busts)... that have have shaping and padding? I do like shaping and padding... I'm not usually comfortable with unlined (or almost unlined bras). But I have noticed in browsing bras that have this "new sizing"... a lot of them are unlined bras.

  8. Hi Anonymous,

    I hope that size fits you much better! I bet it will be a big improvement for you. I don't think it's at all petty to believe that all women deserve bras that make them feel great! As far as shape goes, just wearing the right size should make a big improvement in that.

    As far as shaping and padding goes, definitely try a bra called the Freya deco (Available at Nordstrom's here: as well as other places.) It is moulded with just enough padding for modesty, and it a plunge style that enhances cleavage wonderfully and gives a great shape. I think the reviews speak for themselves. :-)

    If you want want the type of padding that goes at the bottom of the bra, the only one I know of for larger busts is this one: also available in white. I know that site is in Polish, but that is my favorite bra company and ordering isn't hard. The bras are also pretty affordable. (That one costs $45 and shipping would be $10.) The padding is removable and they also sell "chicken cutlets" for bigger busts separately.

    I hope that helps and good luck with your new size! Let me know if I can answer any more questions for you. :-)

  9. Thanks so much Brittany, that was really helpful. I do have one other question. How would you compare the sizing of Panache bras to Ewa Michalak? Do you think the band sizing and cup sizing between the two is consistent? If not, how might you say they differ? The one I ordered already is Panache, and I'm hoping I will be able to also judge sizing of the Ewa Michalak bras by how the Panache one fits. Thanks again for the detailed answer. Very helpful. I'm going to start telling every woman I know about this new sizing (I'll point them to your blog too). =)

  10. Britney you have a very unique personal style. Would you do a post on what inspires your clothing choices? It seems to me like you like retro clothing as well as Lolita clothing.


  11. Cool!Thanks for the tips. Our undergarments must really go with the type of dress we wear.

  12. found my real bra size here (28F) and am really happy! my new bra should be here in the next couple days. before, I didn't care much for a new bra size,but lately my back has been hurting and I knew it was time for a change. Especialy since I have grown like 3 1/2 cup sizes in the last year (didn't get fat - just still a teen), so I was super confused about what my bra size really was. I also have bad posture... but I know that some of the fault does go to my bra.
    actually i found a 32DD bra at TJmaxx and bought it. I sat up straight, and didn't slouch at all. But after it streched out (literally like 5 days later), my bad posture came back again.

    btw, thank you for your blog... it's nice to find somewhere that has accurate info! and I love your style, super cute =)

  13. Hi, Brittany, Great blog. I've lost a bit of weight, and I'm searching for new bras, and there is some very good info here. Your wrap dress is lovely. I've found a Canadian designer who makes made-to-measure clothing that fits miraculously (they measure shoulder width, bust, underbust, waist depth, everything!), and they have a beautiful wrap style that fits me perfectly, with no gaping, or need to add a camisole, which is amazing with a 39" bust (32" underbust). They've also added a wrap style that is a bit more covered up. I haven't tried that one yet, but I'm thinking of it. The website is, and it might be of interest to you. They've been fabulous for clothing that fits perfectly, and even in their very low-cut styles, I've never had any gaping, or spilling or any sort of malfunction at all.

  14. I had a double mastectomy with a tram flap reconstruction 17 years ago. Since then, the only 'bras' I could wear were sport bras. Every other 'normal' bra would ride up. I have been on an endless search for something a bit less 'armor' like. I finally found it in this bra! The fabric is soft and the fit is comfortable. It does not slip off and gives a good look when worn underneath a tee as well. I purchase above bra at


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